Surviving in the hearing world.....My story continues.... part 5

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, March 11, 2016

At last.... Secondary school was now fully behind me, its time to move on and see what tomorrow holds for me.

I sooo much loved singing, so i joined the church choir, but unfortunately, i discovered i was singing off key, so i had to hide my voice behind those of others, and i am unable to lead praise and worship session as a result. i can't even put into words, how that made me feel.
I have by now passed all my Exams except UME, i had 198 out of a 200 cut off mark and i was aiming to study medicine , even though, i was really scared of blood, lol!
My Dad then decided, at that time, that i should get a hearing aid, it is supposed to magnify all the sounds, that i can still manage to hear. By this time, i has very little hearing in both hears, and you have to talk really loud for me to hear you, i cant even say exactly when i started lip reading, all i could say for sure was that, i can "hear " you, when am facing you.
SO, off to the audiologist, we went, they performed all the usual tests and agreed am a suitable candidate for hearing aids, then bam! they switched it on and i nearly fainted!!! i could actually hear the sounds of cars, my audiologist's voice, my father kept chanting my name and i kept "hearing" him, i ran outside to be sure, i could actually hear, Everything sounded louder and i even heard the horn of a car , something that i have missed for so many years. I got home and i heard my siblings voices which i haven't done for a long while and i cried! The first thought that came to my mind after i realized i could still hear ; was, " Thank You Father! Now, i can actually sing and praise You!

There truly was hope after all....its time to prepare for Higher Institution......

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