Can a girl ever have too many shoes?No! Not until you set eyes on "EDIMARA" _ CEO Imerulofashion

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, March 28, 2016

I actually never knew shoes can be named, till i came across the very beautiful ones made by Nigerian born but Uk based shoe designer , the CEO of Imerulo fashion.

 She especially have difficulty choosing any of her shoes as a favourite as they all mean something special to her, but i can tell you, without being asked, that this is my favorite of them all! 

The sort of shoe that , you will do well to have among your collections. i personally believe, you do not have enough shoes, till you own one Edimara, lol!

She was kind enough to grant us an interview and she told us a bit about what she does, excepts below: 

Kemimobuse blog:  Can we meet you?
Imerulo Fashion:  My name is Oluremi Olatokun Aladejana. I am from Osun State, Nigeria. I am a certified beauty consultant. I have a diploma in business and marketing.
Kemimobuse blog:  What do you do?
Imerulo Fashion:   I am the CEO at Imerulo Fashion. 

Kemimobuse blog:  Why did you decide to become a shoe fashion designer?
Imerulo Fashion:   I've always loved fashion. It's only natural, as an innovative person, to start my own fashion label.
Kemimobuse blog:  What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
Imerulo Fashion:  The fact that my ideas stop being just being ideas but reality. Another part is being able to experience every process of making the shoes. 
Kemimobuse blog:  who and which things were your inspiration while creating such designs?
Imerulo Fashion:  I get inspiration from my love for everything African, my Edimara heels is an example. I'm also inspired by colors, designs and my love for fashion. 
Kemimobuse blog:  Define fashion?
Imerulo Fashion:   Fashion has many definitions. I see fashion as a way of expressing myself in a way I find interesting, expressive and beautiful. Fashion, for me, is saying how I feel through what I wear, right from my head to my toe. 

Kemimobuse blog:  Do you use computer and technology for designing?
Imerulo Fashion:  No
Kemimobuse blog:  can you Say something about your background?
Imerulo Fashion:   I am the last of three children. I was born and raised in Nigeria. I moved to the UK several years ago.
Kemimobuse blog:  of all the shoes that you’ve designed, which has given you the most satisfaction?
Imerulo Fashion:   I am satisfied with all my designs. This is because all my shoes are unique and because my heart and souls go into them all.
Kemimobuse blog:  what criteria do you use when designing new shoes?
Imerulo Fashion:   I won't call it criteria, I would call it motivation. I take into account the season, mood, colour, shapes etc. 

Kemimobuse blog:  where do you work on your projects?
Imerulo Fashion:  Of course I won't disclose that ....Lol
Kemimobuse blog:  so you draw quite often?
Imerulo Fashion:   Yes I
Kemimobuse blog:  how do you decide on colors for your shoes?
Imerulo Fashion:   When I see colours I like, I  get inspirations and ideas. 
Kemimobuse blog:  are there any materials that you would like to explore further?
Imerulo Fashion:  Of course, I have other materials I'm looking at. That's my little secret
Kemimobuse blog:  what’s your personal motto?
Imerulo Fashion:   'Put the fear of heights behind you'
Kemimobuse blog:  What are your plans for the future?Where do you see yourself in next ten years?
Imerulo Fashion:   I want to be a global brand 
Kemimobuse blog:  How would you describe your personal style?
Imerulo Fashion:  Simple and classy

Kemimobuse blog:  Any Advice for future entrepreneurs?
Imerulo Fashion:   Do not give up.
Kemimobuse blog:  What has being a fashion designer taught you?
Imerulo Fashion:   It has taught me to pay attention to details. It has also taught me to appreciate every finished product. 
Kemimobuse blog:  How can you be contacted?
Imerulo Fashion:
      BBM 5bf9d455
 Instagram: @imerulofashion
 More pictures below:

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