By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, March 21, 2016


Over the years, I’ve managed to build integrity with some people but nonetheless, it can never be a 100%. Corruption has been since the beginning of time and it will not go away easily only that we mostly come across it in the political circle and Government. Taking a closer look, We all have Our fair share of it. 

With insider trading, gambling, drug purchases and all, No wonder the kids of today have no one to look up to, so it’s up to the Parents and well meaning citizens to point out that there really are some good people out there who do good things for others.

By no means am I saying that everyone in government’s payroll or any other group are corrupt, but unfortunately the good ones can’t voice out because they are outnumbered.

Here are 10 apt ways We can gradually check this canker worm:

1) Emolument Increase of Security Personnel: Increasing salaries of Policemen and Judges makes the job so attractive that losing it would be bad news.

2) Percentage Payable Incentive: Make a percentage payable to any concerned parastatal for every project completed within time and budget. Money would be shared to everyone in that department. This prevents giving jobs to wrong contractors for monetary gains.

3) Judges Incentive : Give Judges an incentive for every case that is settled within an allotted time. Bonus is given to encourage integrity and workforce diligence.

4) Jail Term : mandatory 5 years imprisonment should be compulsory for any corrupt worker (apart from confiscating properties and earnings) as there should be no plea bargaining in our case today.

5) Make Integrity Meritable : We have decayed to this state due to lack of this as mediocrity begets mediocrity. Reward those who have served with their heads high and punish those who are found wanting.

6) Rejuvenate Education through Incentives : When a child passes well through school, He should be rewarded as well. For those who do not pass,another exam should be given to them as well as motivational talks.

7) Make Election Appealing : If politics became everybody’s business in Nigeria, corruption would reduce. Politicians would less likely be corrupt if their election funding is majorly taken care of by the
Populace. They would think of better projects to win election not money changing hands.

8) Strengthen the Criminal Laws: Long jail terms, disbandment and banishment from entering any political office should serve as a deterrent for anyone veering into the dastardly act.

9) Moral Uprightness: Parents,Civil and religious societies all have a role to play here. Teaching honest and moral behaviours right from childhood rubs off on Our kids and peers and makes them responsible for their future. We can begin this ourselves by returning stuff we borrow, paying our taxes, condemning corrupt and shady deals/officials and paying a fair price for everything.

10) Vote: Ensure to register to vote and vote in every election as well as considering public office yourself.

It is easier to change ourselves than others and so by behaving honestly and fairly, it is less likely those around us would continue a bad habit of corruption.

Written by Toni Eghosa Ewone
Follow Me on Twitter @Eghosakruz and let’s chart a new course for Nigeria as youths ready for change. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

Credit: Omojuwa.com

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