I had no material or money to buy the normal art material,so i use toothpick - CEO 2thpickart

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I remember coming across the unique handiwork of Mr Adeoye Adetunji on instagram and was amazed at his talent, i even featured some of his crafts on the blog right here, 

I was intrigued and curious, and was really determined to know more about the brain behind the brand, and i was really inspired to hear his story....

Kemi Mobuse blog: Can we meet you?
Kemi Mobuse blog: What do you do for a living?
2thpickart: I'm Adeoye Adetunji, I read mathematics Sci. Unilorin but all I do now is art

Kemi Mobuse blog: What is the inspiration behind your going into art?
2thpickart: I was born skilled in art. I instinctively convert anything

Kemi Mobuse blog: And what is the name of your brand?

2thpickart: 2thpick Art

Kemi Mobuse blog: How long have you been in the business now?
2thpickart: 10yrs
Kemi Mobuse blog: Why the choice of toothpick as your art material specifically?
2thpickart: First I do other forms of art.  But the toothpick art is my own niche
Toothpick Art came as a result of experimenting....  Which also was because I had no material or money to buy the normal art material. And as I said earlier..  I instinctively convert anything to art and structures. So I did too with toothpicks. And people loved it
Kemi Mobuse blog: Awww, the ones I came across on your page are sooo beautiful and creatively made, well-done.
Kemi Mobuse blog: How did people react to it when you first unveil your work?
2thpickart: People loved it. Just that it took me so much time to convince many people. No one believed it was toothpicks

Kemi Mobuse blog: Do you also make some for sale?

2thpickart: Yes I make some for sales.  I make people's portraits with toothpicks.
Kemi Mobuse blog: Is this all you do for a living now?
2thpickart: I'm a production designer.  With lots of movies, series, music videos to my credit, I'm also an actor and has appeared  in many movies
Kemi Mobuse blog: Have you ever exhibited your art I'm a gallery before?Or your work majorly featured ?
2thpickart: Yes.  And we working on another
Kemi Mobuse blog: Can you indulge us and tell us about it a little?
2thpickart: Had solo exhibition but that was a long time ago. Been featured. Many times and yes many times on TV.  Including cctv,  Moments with MO, channels TV, TVC,....  Many others
Kemi Mobuse blog: Nice one
Kemi Mobuse blog: What have you learnt from being an artist?
2thpickart: At a function, which I was part of the organizers....  I met a lady struggling with the decorations because the wood was so strong.  Then, she left it.  I went over to help her...  Not knowing she was watching. It took me a whole lot of time  but I finished it.  She then asked if I'm an artist.  Yes I responded2,She said only an artist can have such patience
Then I realized what art has done to me,I spent 6months to make the white house...  I can seat 11 hours everyday to create it.I'm really patient

Kemi Mobuse blog: What challenges have you experienced in being an artist?
2thpickart: The challenge is that I do other things to support my art.  Because people see art as luxury...So one has to follow concept but it's not self sufficient
Kemi Mobuse blog: Was. There a moment or a decision you made in your career that you feel was a personal success?
2thpickart: Not going into the military like my dad wanted, I don't think I would have the time to do all I do now. And I don't think I will find fulfillment in there
Kemi Mobuse blog: Can you share a story of a time in your journey when you encountered a big setback and most importantly, what did you take away from that experience?
2thpickart: Lost both parents) at different times) . That's a huge set back. But that has made me responsible for myself and others
Kemi Mobuse blog: What are you working on right now? anything special?
2thpickart: I'm working on a Lagos themed project at the moment to be exhibited soon
Kemi Mobuse blog: what is your dream project, if there were no restriction on time or money, what would you. Create?
2thpickart: I want to make a world record out of my craft and I have given myself to 2020

Kemi Mobuse blog: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?
2thpickart: Be true to yourself and believe in your ideas. That's the only way to stand when things are not going the way u expected
Kemi Mobuse blog: How can you be contacted?
2thpickart: @2thpickart  (instagram)call: 07033160822
Email: Princeadeoye3d@gmail.com
 Kemi Mobuse blog: Thank you for your time and Happy Birthday in arrears

2thpickart: Thanks so much

More pictures below: 

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  1. Wooah! This is real art. He must really love what he does coz this takes time. I really hope he can gain enuf recognition to sufficiently monetize his passion.

  2. woooooooooow! im amazed.. Naija really got lots of talents out dere..chop knuckles my guy