Be Inspired, meet the beauty, Sexy and Talented Kenechukwu Ezeh a female barber in Enugu!

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, March 21, 2016

Once in a while we come across individuals who inspire us and Kenechukwu Eze is definitely one of them. She is a female barber and haircut stylist who is making waves in Enugu.

In a male dominated world, Kenechukwu Eze, who is a prominent barber/haircut stylist, based in  at Enugu and the owner of Gap Barbershop is making a statement for women in Nigeria and the world over.

This beautiful young lady is not only breaking out of the norm but also showing that what men can do, women can also do and in comparison to any standard, either men or women, this young lady can give a great trim. She is very confident of what she does; she's so passionate about it.

When asked why she ventured into the men's beauty business, she said her mother encouraged she and her siblings to acquire a Skill and Vocation, while in school so as not to be unemployed when done with schooling.
She started 2years ago by working in someone's Barber salon; due to her determination to earn a living, she has opened her own salon!

I came across her story on twitter and i was very determined to make it public, so as to challenge ladies to work, to stop depending on men to pay their bills. Work and earn your money.Take pride in what you do and no man will have the impetus to come and claim ownership over you.

Kenechukwu Ezeh I am proud of you. You are beautiful and talented. Keep on keeping on. You are great. You will barb the hair of world leaders. You will be so great. Be strong.

Linda started this way, today she’s financially independent.

You can add her up. Her barbing salon is in Enugu.

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