Come unto me all ye would- be brides and imma whip your hair and beat your faces silly - CEO Hues n Curls

By Kemi Mobuse - Saturday, March 26, 2016

There are make up experts and there are make up experts, but some are definitely more special than others, CEO of Hues and curls is a beautiful lady with a beautiful sense of humour and she does more than just making you up for your special day, she turn you into a Disney princess with the way she ships your hair as well. 

The passion she has for her work can be genuinely heard when she talks, and she had a lot to say......

Kemi Mobuse blog: Can we meet you?

Huesncurls: My name is Eniola Osinubi

Kemi Mobuse blog: What do you do? And what is the name of your brand?

Huesncurls: I am a professional makeup artist and my brand is Huesncurls

Kemi Mobuse blog: What inspired you going into the makeup business?

Huesncurls: I love creativity and I'm passionate about beauty and colours

Kemi Mobuse blog: And what is the reason for this particular name choice?

Huesncurls: Huesncurls was coined out of what I do. Hues meaning colours and curls relating to the hair. I also wanted a name that would appeal to an international audience.

Kemi Mobuse blog: It's a beautiful name. How old is your brand now?

Huesncurls: Thank you. The brand is 4 years.

Kemi Mobuse blog: And how has the market reception been?

Huesncurls: the reception had been great so far. It's a beautiful thing to sit back and watch people refer you and help build your clientele. But above all, God has been faithful

Kemi Mobuse blog: What do you think separate you from others in the field and make people choose you?

Huesncurls: My attention to details and the overall neatness of my work makes me stand out. My jovial personality also makes people choose me over again. Majority of my jobs are based on referrals so luckily I never have to convince my clients too much.

Kemi Mobuse blog: What challenges have you experienced and how did you overcome?

Huesncurls: The major challenge is getting people accept that makeup is a full time job and not a hobby. Some people do not see why they should pay a huge sum for makeup.

Kemi Mobuse blog: What do you love most about your job? And what have you gained?

Huesncurls: I love the fact that makeup makes me creative and gives me the opportunity to meet lovely people. I also happy to have created a good brand that people are willing to pay money for.

Kemi Mobuse blog: Is this all you do? Or can you see yourself doing anything else?

Huesncurls: I am currently a full time makeup artist. I am also taking courses to help me become a branding expert.

Kemi Mobuse blog: So, it's safe to say, you can make up a bride and do her bridal hair as well?

Huesncurls: Yes. I handle bridal hair as well.

Kemi Mobuse blog: How did you start out, capital wise?

Huesncurls: I got support from my family and friends. I also had savings so I was able to steadily build my start up kit

Kemi Mobuse blog: What are your future plans?

Huesncurls: I love good hair. In future, I plan to launch a luxury virgin hair line.

Kemi Mobuse blog: Any advice for future entrepreneurs?

Huesncurls: Be passionate about what you do, remain focused and every good thing will follow

Kemi Mobuse blog: Lastly, how can you be contacted?

Huesncurls: Contact details: 08185946028, Address: 2 PSSDC road, Magodo GRA. IG: @huesncurls email:

Kemi Mobuse blog: Thanks so much for your time

Huesncurls: Thank you so much and I appreciate the opportunity.

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