Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!Kemi Mobuse Blog is 1 month today...*Dancing***

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The inspiration to start this blog, funnily enough didn't come from me, i have always been a talkative, opinionated person, and i have the habit of being curious and inquisitive to boot. Apparently, my friend Mr Segun Ojewale has been studying me, for the past 5 years, so, it came as a surprise to me, when we were chatting on Whatsapp one day, I was complaining, about the Naira versus Dollars palaver, and making  some opinions that; our economy will definitely be better, if only we , Nigerians have the courage to rise up to the task, and make use of what we have, and we sure have a lot .

Segun was like, "Kemi, why don't you go ahead and blog about it?
I replied and said " Blog kwa?, how will i do that? where will i even get to do that?

Trust my friend, and Personal Person, Mrs Vivian Siwekwu to chip in, and exclaimed excitedly, "C'mon Kemi, Segun is right, you can do it, oya, lets get to work".

One thing, you cannot take from Vivian is her go getter attitude, Thanks to Vivian, i have been able to conquer soooo many of my fears, she is my ride or die chick, and someone to certainly have in your corner.
SO, she set to work and in a matter of minuted, Kemimobuse blog came to life!Right now, she claims she is the highest commentor.

I was surprised and overwhelmed, i called my husband, Tee what do i write? he said, "you know what to  write, just get to work and the thoughts will flow", the thoughts truly did flow, before i knew it, my first post was up

Miss Nkiru Amobi, another of my friend and colleague , refused to be left out, she quickly went to work, and posted her comment, making her the no 1 commentor on the blog

Then came in, my Friend turned Sis of over a decade, Miss Opeoluwa Ogundimu, she was adamant about showing her support and went to work , commenting on all my posts, making her my most frequent commentor.

My cousin Mrs Jumoke Ojo also decided to join the bandwagon, she became the brain behind most of my posts, she kept telling me, "Kemi, before easter, we must reach 10,000 Views, and guess what cousin@! we did it!!!! we have just 400 slots to go, but we are there!!!!

Also, my thanks goes to my friend/Sis, Miss Gbemisola Omojola, she kept encouraging me, and sharing my posts and commenting as well

Thank You too Favour, for inspiring me to share the story of my hearing difficulty, my journey and how i eventually overcame, thanks to my family and friends.

Thank You sooooo much, to all those, that i have interviewed, thank you for your patience, for indulging me and answering all my questions, even when some of them sound trivial, thank You, Thank You.

For all those who took time out daily, to visit my blog, even when i had nothing to say, i may not know you by name, but my heartfelt Gratitude goes to you all.

Thank You My better half, Mr Taiwo Mobuse, My son, Oluwaseyi Mobuse, My family, for being patient and believing in me.

Thank You my Father and my God, for the talent you Blessed me with, am super Grateful.

I have learnt so many things, i have acquired new knowledge and gained new friends, i have been taught that, anything is possible, even when you have nothing, i have realized that, what i knew before is very limited and i still have a long way to go.

KMB is going to be big, its going to be different and its gonna go places, That's my promise to you all my new family. Ese gan.

God Bless You. *Muah*

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  1. yea, better years to come,God keep us all

  2. Yes o! Yes o!!! Celebration galore! Pls buy the cake and chicken pie lets toast and celebrate one month of Kemimobuse Blog. We will celebrate more months, years, decades and sooo much more to come. The sky is the beginning of your journey dear! and We ve got your back all the way.

  3. Muah back on both chicks dearie....indeed KMB will go places and beyond. you know i always yur back and front *wink*** Congrats hun

  4. Happy one month KMB. U will go places. I got ur back

  5. Yeaaaaaaaaaa great way to start sis, you will surely get there. Cheersss

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Yay..thumbs up the sky is only your starting point

  8. Congratulations darling