Helplessly lost in a hearing world.....My story continues....Part 8

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, March 30, 2016

That was how, i found myself in UNAAB, to start my Pre degree Programme, June 2002!

Another journey of my life has begun, with no hearing assistance. I was scared, but i knew that, i had to become a graduate whether i wanted to or not. SO, i summoned my courage and decided to just go ahead, who cares, whether i made friends or not?

Back then in secondary sch, i was a member of all the clubs the school had, and i always held one official position or the other, as a result, everyone knew me, so, you can just begin to imagine, how i will feel in a friendless world.

So, when the d-day arrived for me to commence my registration, i begged my  Mummy to follow me to school, my courage having failed me. She gave in and did just that. It was really embarrassing to say the least, as i was the only one being followed from one office to the other by her parent. i began regretting my decision to allow my mum follow me to school, as i was getting unnecessary attention, and Mummy, God Rest her soul, compounded the situations most times, while trying to help me, by telling everyone we are meeting with, that i have hearing problem, i prayed several times for the ground to just open and swallow me, who knows, if the ground was deaf too, because nothing happened.

At long last, registration was over, i breathed a shaky sigh of relief and looked towards starting lectures with dread.
Thankfully, Mummy decided to help me get another hearing aid. Off to Lagos, we went, just like that, within a week, i was a proud owner of another hearing aids, and i joined the hearing world , once again.

My confidence grew, and though, having never used my hearing aid in an educational environment before,i didn't know what to expect, i only knew that, i was going to be fine.

on my first day in the lecture room, i sat down in the front row, i was able to jot down the lecture given to us, on my own just fine, while checking out the note of the person sitting beside me as well. The second day was uneventful as well, i went home dejected.Making friends was tougher than i thought, this was not going the way i envisioned at all, ahan! what to do now?

The day after, I sat down, under a tree, just thinking about life in general,then one lady approached me and asked me, if i will be her roommate? I was like????? you don't even know me, so why would i want to sleep in your house? by the way, i don't even live on campus, guess what? That lady, is Temitope Ibrahim and she is my bosom friend till date, i actually made more friends since then, even got a boyfriend too, lol! University is not gonna be a total bore after all......
To be continued

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