I could hear again, albeit with Assistance......My story Continues part 6

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

So, there I was feeling all elated as to being able to hear again, even though, it was with assistance. 

While the hearing aids, may have helped me hear, it's uses were limited, as I was still unable to communicate  with people on phones or be able to follow up a conversation with a fast talker.

But, the highlight of it all, was that; I was able to sing in church , though I still sound a little off key, I learnt how to control it, and me, being able to sing to my heart's content, taking my pains, my desires, my wishes to God even while I praise him, made my journey bearable.

So, it was time, to process my admission my admission to university, by then, an extra year has gone, I graduated Secondary School in year 1999, and got my hearing aids in year 2000. I felt, I needed to move fast, as my colleagues were already gaining admissions into Universities of their choices.

I then decided; to retake the UM Exams, my father asked me, if I will sit for the  poly Exams as well, I said No! SO sure, was I of myself. UME came and went, to the Glory of God, I heard all what was required of us, did what i had to do and left.

Then, the unthinkable happened! My result was seized, along with everyone else who had their UME at that particular center, on charges of alleged malpractice.
I was devastated.

I decided to wait and try for another year again, 2001, to rewrite the UME, by then, my morale  was kind of low, I was asking myself, what the benefit of taking first position through out secondary school is, to me now?

UME 2001, came and left, I sat for it and had 182, still not close to the 200 which is the cut off mark, for my course of choice, medicine! you can only imagine how bad, I must have felt. 

I was then told to try for Nursing school instead, as i can use that, as a stepping stone to become a doctor, I sat for the school of Nursing , Ife entrance Exams, I passed with distinction, I was so elated to hear, that I was among the first best three candidates . so, they asked me to come for an interview, which I passed also. and I was told, they will get back to me.

After, like three months, my father told me, I was put on the waiting list, i waited another month, before the verdict! 
They are sorry, they cannot admit me, BECAUSE of my hearing deficit! That, being that I'm hard of hearing, a hearing aid cannot help me in that profession much ,according to them, especially in instances of life and death situations, when the patient may not have enough energy to speak clearly or face me, which is how i get by...
To say, i was devastated is an under- statement, There it was again, how my hearing failed me......again....

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  1. Sometimes in this life...a devastating report might just be a stepping stone to ones greatness.

    1. Exactly! and it has helped shaped who i have become

  2. I thank God for where you are now, I also thank God for you generally. Where there seems to be no way, God will always make one.

    1. Thank You Hunnie, and am pretty sure you will certainly go even further than i have.

  3. Awww, must have hurt.

    1. it did hurt so bad, and i even contemplated just giving it all up, among others, i was suicidal, but Thank God for His Grace.

  4. Thank You all so much for your kind words