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By Kemi Mobuse - Sunday, March 27, 2016

Baking cakes has indeed taken a new turn, no more do we have all those cakes that are harder than cement and more tasteless than foams. The cakes of nowadays, draw you  in soooo much that, it feels like a second heaven to your soul, if not for the issues of you counting calories as you are voraciously eating and enjoying the finger licking sinful delight it gives. Chai! i love cakes, you can't blame me, they taste soooo yummy and my best especially, are those made with butter cream....i digress....

It therefore goes without saying, that we need to understand, how the mind of a baker works, KMB caught up with the CEO of Cakes by L.A, she is as passionate and as a talented as her works shows and we got her to have a chit chat with us and tell us more about cakes........excerpts below;

Kemi Mobuse blog: Good Evening, can we meet you?
Cakes By La: Good evening, my name is Mrs Laide Owoade, married to a loving husband and blessed with a daughter
Kemi Mobuse blog: What do you do?
Cakes By La: I'm a baker and a cake decorator

Kemi Mobuse blog: What was your inspiration to become a professional Baker?
Cakes By La: My 2 favourite subjects back in secondary school were home management and fine art, baking for me is just a perfect way to express both
Kemi Mobuse blog: What is the name of your brand and how old is it?
Cakes By La: Cakes by L.A; I have been making cakes for about 13 to 14years now
Kemi Mobuse blog: How was starting out, capital wise?
Cakes By La: I didn't start overnight, I acquired all I have now over the years, so at no point was I in need of a major capital
And I'll still keep buying because I don't have all I need yet😃

Kemi Mobuse blog: What was your first baking job,? Did you go to a culinary/ pastry school?
Cakes By La: The first cake i got paid for; was for my cousin's 10th birthday. I didn't go to a pastry school, I'm self taught
Kemi Mobuse blog: In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about being a Baker?
Cakes By La: You have to work weekends, and holidays most especially and sometimes all night

Kemi Mobuse blog: And the best things?
Cakes By La: The best part of it all is the awesome feedbacks from customers, sometimes I pinch myself and wonder if I made the cake for free because of their kind words and appreciation
Kemi Mobuse blog: What do you think are the important skills a Baker should have?
Cakes By La: A baker should be very artistic, And patient, you have to be able to start all over again if something goes wrong

Kemi Mobuse blog: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?
Cakes By La: Put in your very best and leave the rest to God
Kemi Mobuse blog: How can you be contacted?

Cakes By La: My phone number 08062199071, email
IG: @cakesbyLA

More pictures below;

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