Caroline Danjuma calls out Enugu hospital for attempting to separate conjoined twins without Parent"s Consent! Kindly share!

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mrs Caroline Danjuma, took to her Instagram page to share the story of a conjoined twin being held at Enugu Hospital. According to her, the hospital is attempting to operate on the twins and separate them, without the parents' consent, also in the absence of professional and Qualified medical personnel and equipment.

The Twins now four months are being held in the hospital, as the hospital refused to allow they or their parents to leave the hospital.

Her foundation is ready to help and make use of qualified medical personnel abroad, but the said hospital is having none of it, read more below;

carolyna_hutchingsYes the hospital in Enugu refused to release the babies claiming they had done the operation before in 1980's. My question was will it be the same set of doctors that will operate on them ? . I have no problem Enugu hospital operating on the babies but we need to be real here this involves two lives and there are not lab rats . The hospital certainly does not have the equipment and we need to save this babies as soon as we can. The hospital is also refusing to send out MIR scan and CT scans to other hospitals that requested for it. The parents requested for it for over a week now the hospital is yet to respond. The father asked for his kids to be released but the hospital refused. My case here is that it is ok to accept you can't handle it and assist the parents in finding a better solution even if it's within the country but when u are bent on taking out the operation urself knowing fully well you can't is totally unfair to those kids. We are ready to work with Enugu hospital if they are willing to be accommodating . Till then the lives of those kids are our utmost priority. If you know of any doctor that is amazing in Nigeria and you know any hospital with the right equipment we will be happy to talk with them. We need the kids to live.

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