Life after school, my hearing journey continues.......part 7

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, March 25, 2016

There I was, feeling dejected, and rejected all over again. I just wanted to give up and stop trying, but I knew that was not even an option, my hearing aid meanwhile, was generating too much attention for me, from people, it was so bad, that; some people poke me in my ear and ask what is this for? My siblings too, decided, it makes a very delightful toy, and young as I was, I was careless, and within three months of getting the aid. It stopped working. The poor thing, just couldn't withstand all the assault.

My Father was upset and didn't bother attempting getting me a new one. There I was, back to square 1, no hearing aids, no school prospects. By this time, I was just fed up entirely, but just kept moving, I didn't know what to do with myself or my time, My mates were already gaining admission into various schools either via pre degree, diploma and other likes.

Then, I heard about University of Ado Ekiti doing a Pre degree Programme, i applied to read Bio Chemistry, I sat for their entrance examination and I passed as usual. But, my father, due to reasons best known to him, didn't allow me to take the Programme. I then decided to apply for School of Nursing ,AKure.

I took the exams, passed again, and went for the interview, i excelled  but unfortunately, my application again was rejected again, citing my hearing difficulty as the issue. They however, gave me an advice, that; I should apply for the school of Lab tech, that, my hearing difficulty will not limit me in that field, since i will work mostly in a Lab.

I took the advice and decided to go for the lab tech exams, by this time, i had already spent four years at home, after graduation in 1999, I took the Lab tech examination in early 2002, while in the examination hall, i was asked to tackle questions that resembled that of a year 4 medical student, i was stunned and dumbfounded, and I was pretty sure, I was not going to pass, I however did my best and left he Exam hall. To be honest, till date, i had no idea what my score was, 

I also, put my pride aside and took the previously rejected Polytechnic Examination, and i had no idea what my was score on that was too., i was just past caring, simply cause, my hearing was worse, and my seeing several of my mates back then, even the one, that  was always in the last position, back then in secondary school., now becoming semi graduates and graduates, four years was a long time.

Eventually, i realized, i had to take charge of my own destiny, i obviously, cannot continue living this way, and feeling worthless, so, one morning, i packed a bag pack, ran away from my parent's house in Akure, and headed straight to my Granny's place in Ibadan, after taking some of my father's money, and leaving him a note, to that effect.

I was really scared , but it had to be done, because i realized, a lot of time is gone, so,its now or never! 

I got to my Granny's Place within an hr, unfortunately, she lost one of her cousins on that day, that for me, was my saving grace, and shifted attention from me, she only asked after my dad, and i replied, that he sent his Regards.

Three days after, my aunt came to Ib, and saw me, she quickly hightailed it back to Akure, to inform my father, by now, Granny knows the truth, and i told her, i have no intention of leaving. My father came, and i told him same. When, they couldn't change my mind, they let me be.

My Mum, now showed up a month after, and took me back to my Uncle, who owned the secondary school i attended and graduated from, back then in 1999. To say, he was not happy, with all that went down, was saying the least, however, he was determined, to rectify that. 

Within a month of me getting there, they got me ready to tackle three different exams, i applied to Ambrose Alli, Lautech and Unaab, for different Pre degree Programmes, i passed all my exams, but i was advised to accept that of whichever school resumes first.

That was how, i found myself in UNAAB, to start my Pre degree Programme, June 2002!

Another journey of my life has begun, with no hearing assistance. I was scared, but .......

to be continued!

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  1. The write up before the main post has happened to me quite often,i can relate to that

  2. This is wow! My story is just slightly different from this. In my own case, I don't even use a hearing aid. School was hellish, but I did it anyway. Please continue ����