Meet Ibukun Ayodele, the "Errand Lady" who takes the stress off you and run all your errands.....

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, July 11, 2016

People are very busy nowadays and the realities of the modern day is not helping matters in any way. Not even in the near future, does any solution seem to be in sight, instead; more and more people are getting busier than ever, thereby having no time for chores, laundries or even getting their groceries. This would make you as a person; wish that, there is someone at your beck and call, that will sort these things out for you, while you concentrate on other important things of interests.

Errand Lady is a prayer answered to a lot of people, and for bakers especially, as her brand offers helping hands to those with busy lifestyle and schedule. It provides time-saving solution for busy people. She provides fast and reliable delivery of orders to homes and offices and helps bakers get their cakes in good form to their recipients. 

She granted an interview with KMB, where she talked about starting her brand and what spurred her into this business to begin below

Kemi Mobuse: Can we know you?

Errand Lady: I am Ibukun Ayodele

Kemi Mobuse: What do you do?
Errand Lady: I'm into Errands and delivery services
They also assemble party bags for your children's parties
Kemi Mobuse: What inspired you making this choice of profession?
Errand Lady: Well, I once worked as a customer service representative at an online store. I realized they had some setbacks while serving people. So it prompted me to work on those disadvantages
Kemi Mobuse: How did you start out? And also raise the capital for start up?
Errand Lady: Well the business actually fine tuned itself. Because, I only had the mind for running errands for busy persons. But, once I'm done with those errands, I deliver to their offices or homes.
Then I started getting calls majorly from bakers who wanted safe delivery of their fragile cakes to their clients. That was how it started. As I use my personal car for it.
Sincerely, I started with basically no capital. It was just a thing of trust. The first client who called me up after seeing my post on instagram paid before I ran the errands for her
Then it went on from there.  That's why I maintained my personal instagram page. For trust. And for people to know Errand Lady. There are so many scammers out there these days.
Kemi Mobuse: Lovely ! What inspired your choice of name, Why not something with logistic or delivery in it?
They help buy and brand your souvenirs for your special occasions
Errand Lady: I just thought of what a bit Catchy was and funny. Nothing spectacular. That's why I said its God

Kemi Mobuse: And how old is your brand now?
Errand Lady: It's a year this month
Kemi Mobuse: Is this all you currently do for living?
Errand Lady: Well yes. Apart from being a wife and a mother
Kemi Mobuse: How has the market reception been since inception?
Errand Lady: The market is getting better by the day. But definitely still needs more patronage.
Cake Delivery??? Errand lady has your back
Kemi Mobuse: What major challenges have you had to deal with since starting out, how did you cope, more importantly what can you say you learnt from them?
Errand Lady: The major challenge I always have sometimes is traffic. When you plan on delivering some items and you can't get there at the said time simply because of traffic. And then some petty clients who take you for granted just because they feel you are an errand or delivery person.
Kemi Mobuse: What is your favourite part of what you do?

Errand Lady: My favorite part is the smile on my customer's face and the look of satisfaction they give.

Kemi Mobuse: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?
Errand Lady: Steadfastness is key. In my line of business, patience is paramount because you have different clients. So you must be patient.
Sometimes business may look gloomy, you just need to keep going forward while believing in yourself.

Kemi Mobuse: Lastly, how can you be contacted?

Errand Lady: I can be contacted via whatsapp :08028167535,
Calls: 08163706611
Instagram: Errand Lady

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  1. Big UPs Errand lady, I believe in you dreams. God bless and multiply you.

  2. Nice one babe, you are going places.

  3. Good concept....Errand Lady.

  4. Nice one errand lady,more grace to ur elbow

  5. Nice one errand lady, more grace to ur elbow

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