Oya Let's see how much you know the Scriptures...

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Let's see how much you know the Scriptures...
Who were these women?

1) I hung a red rope from my window.

2) I conspired with my husband to lie to the Holy Spirit.

3) I laughed at God's promise about bearing a child.

4) I was seen bathing by a king.

5) My husband and I were tent makers.

6) I was David’s great-grandmother.

7) I was deceived by a serpent.

8) God made me a leper for mocking my brother's wife.

9) I died after being pushed out of a window.

10) I won a beauty contest.

11) I kept watch over my baby brother after he floated down the River.

12) I was visited by a desperate and disguised 1st king of Israel.

13) I had bad eyesight.

14) I was the first female Judge.

15) Two of my brothers killed all the men of Shechem.

16) My husband was a fool.

17) I had my boyfriend's head shaved.

18) My husband and both my sons died in Moab.

19) Benjamin was my youngest son.

20) My husband was a carpenter.

21) Seven demons were cast out of my life by Jesus Christ

22) Timothy was my grandson

23) I slept with my father in law after disguising myself as a prostitute.

24) I got married to Abraham after the death of his wife Sarah

25) I was the mother of Dan and Naphtali, the sons of Jacob

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