Want a delicious slice of heaven? Hmmm! that's exactly what Sugar fancies Ng specializes in....

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, July 25, 2016

A friend informed us recently that cakes in a jar are the hot thing right now.
We assumed initially that "cakes in a jar" meant little baked cakes in jars, like these cute ones. But cakes in a jar go way past that. Some aren't even baked in the jar; they're made of a halved cake, or crumbled cake, layered in a jar with whipped buttercream frosting. After the lid is put on, the high sugar content of these treats means they can last for over a week, or be frozen.

These tiny delights make the perfect gifts for any occasion. Make up a batch to keep on hand for sudden cravings, give as favors for your next party, or send to loved ones overseas. The cakes will remain moist and delicious for up to 6 months! What better way to show someone you care than a personalized cake in a jar!

They are the perfect treat to serve at a party or to give away as a favor or gift. Super simple, pretty and delicious! It’s even easier to take on a picnic. Too bad the ants won’t get a taste …

In short, cakes in a Jar make giving your favorite treat that much easier and prettier! And where else would you get your own slice of heaven than from Sugar fancies Ng.
They are the Home of cake in a Jar 🍧 Push Pops🍭🍭 Home made ice-cream 🍨🍦And Everything made sweet.

Their cakes in a jar also comes in different labels and flavors.

In short, you want a delicious slice of heaven? Or has a special occasion be it a bridal shower, baby shower, weddings or do I need to mention birthdays? Then, all roads lead to them.

Contact them today ; then thank me later. Hehe!

Contact details:Call / Whatsapp - 08094563025
PIN :76A7D8E5
IG: sugarfanciesng

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