Capital wise, I started with nothing - Creative and Super Talented Jewelry designer the CEO of Perfect Melange

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, July 04, 2016

Jewelry designer  Mojisola Obajimi has earned quite the reputation for being an icon in her own field-for evidence, look no further than her Instagram Page  with more than 10k followers. 

This jewelry designer has taken the fashion world by storm with her big dreams, big heart, and bold jewelry collection bring African designs into the modern world with her unique and beautiful Designs.

Four years ago Kendra launched her collection and her collections are patronized even by celebrities. And while many celebrities and high society ladies adore her designs, she still strives to keep her luxurious and quality products attainably priced for easy affordability.

She took time out to have a short chit chat with KMB, and excerpts from the interview are a must read….

KMB: Can we meet you?

Perfect Melange: My name is Mojisola Obajimi

KMB: What do you do?
Perfect Melange: I'm a Jewelry designer

KMB: What inspired your going into the jewelry business?
Perfect Melange: My love for jewelry and fashion inspired me into going into the jewelry business
KMB: What is the name if your brand and how old is it?
Perfect Melange: The name of my brand is Perfect Mélange and it’s been running officially for 4years.
KMB: How has the market reception been since inception?

Perfect Melange: It’s grown over the years, and because beaded jewelry has always been an African thing, it has made penetrating the market easier.

KMB: How was starting out for you capital wise?
Perfect Melange: Capital wise, I started with nothing.
KMB: Wow! How was that possible?
Perfect Melange: All I needed was the skill, a few tools, one or two designs and my bbm contacts.
KMB: Your brand sounds completely unique, what inspired this choice of Name?
Perfect Melange: I've always been someone that pays attention to all details; everything has to be perfectly done, so I had to think of a name that reflects a little bit of my personality combined with the jewelry.

KMB: Where do you get inspiration for your designs?
Perfect Melange: My inspiration comes from the kind of beads I decide to work with and things around me.
KMB: What words do you live by as an entrepreneur?

Perfect Melange: Hmmm.... Have a plan, pray and never quit until you get there

KMB: What do you hope to achieve with your brand in say 5 years?

Perfect Melange: I can’t tell you my exact plans in 5 years but by then, Perfect Mélange will be an international brand

KMB: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?

Perfect Melange: For upcoming entrepreneurs, all I have to say is.... stop waiting for the perfect time, start with whatever u have

KMB: Lastly, how can you be contacted
Perfect Melange: Call: 07060509277;
Instagram: perfectmelange


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