I have personally struggled with skincare my entire life,so, I took up the challenge of learning how to make soap for myself. -Amina Tanko, CEO Little Jasmine's Niche

By Kemi Mobuse - Thursday, July 14, 2016

Amina Tanko,  a 24-year-old Biomedical Scientist who resides in Abuja, Nigeria shares the inspiration behind her brand Little Jasmine’s Niche [LJN], a company dedicated to producing fine handcrafted artisan bath and body products. Do have a nice read!

No, it's not cake, it's soap!
I have personally struggled with skincare my entire life. Having extremely sensitive skin, I reacted to soaps, deodorants and lotions for as long as I can remember so I stuck to using only baby products up until two years ago when I used natural soap for the first time. The result was amazing so being the inquisitive sort, I took up the challenge of learning how to make soap for myself. Soon I was addicted to the process and discovered an entire community of people who preferred using natural products as well. A business idea was born to fill that void. After a little success with some products I made, I became bored with the sight of them looking plain. It seemed that the general consensus was that natural products had to have that crude, rugged look and I happen to be a more colorful person so I purchased certified skin safe colorants and gave my products a distinctive artistic edge. Because let’s face it, we all love a little bit of color. 

Want to eat? But it's only soap!

Body scrubs                                                       

I sell a range of products from artisan soaps and exfoliation scrubs to bath bombs and scented candles that are made with up to 99% natural ingredients (both locally sourced and imported) specifically formulated for the African skin. We believe that natural products don’t have to look drab and boring so we introduced some creativity to it. I am aware that the skin is the largest organ we have and it deserves to be very well treated, irrespective of age and/or gender. So most of our products are made with specific skin types in mind, which is why a single product of ours can have up to four variations using different exfoliants, essential oils and natural extracts based on that skin type.

how about a soap box as a gift idea?


I like to believe that true motivation comes from God. He is the guiding force, the director. He has blessed me with an awesome support system, family and friends, who keep me going even through the rough times. It also doesn’t hurt that I absolutely love what I do. In recent times, my brand has grown, I have been motivated by clients who come back with raving reviews and praises about the products they have used and loved. There’s no better reward or reason to continue.


I have had a lot of challenges. The most important one has been sourcing for raw materials. The brand depends on the importation of a significant amount of its raw materials and with the currency fluctuation and Naira drop, it was particularly difficult for a small startup to find its place. But that God factor comes into play again. We strove and struggled till we could stand our ground. And everyday, we keep at it. Rinse and repeat. I just aspire for greater success.

To all the startup owners, be prepared to work everyday. When those particularly terrible days come, remember why you started, push harder and trust in God.

You can contact Amina on;
📞 - 08174887472
BBM - 58BF313F
Instagram: littlejasminesniche

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Customer: My wedding colours are peach and green.
Little Jasmine's Niche: Say no more. 😄

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