I was inspired by the need for fun, colorful, and comfortable footwear - CEO Ivy Barber brand

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

All women love shoes. That’s a given, infact, my belief is that; the more uncomfortable the shoe, the more women buy it. Guess it’s something about the shoe being in Vogue or just because it appears really Classy or in some cases; flashy! I may be the only one who doesn’t do this…Hey!just saying, Lol!

When I was growing up, my elegant mother, whose closet was full of beautiful shoes, often told me, quite cheerfully, “You have to suffer for beauty.”  And, She lived by these words, often grimacing while walking in one of her beloved shoes.
When we went shopping together, she always steered me toward “sitting pretty shoes.” Instead, I’d break her heart and buy flats. I didn’t want to be beautiful. I wanted to be clever. More than that, I wanted to be comfortable. Nobody will ever say, “You’ve got to suffer for comfort.”

A beautiful shoe is a work of art. I get that. I enjoy leafing through the latest Vogue as much as the next woman. I love fashion, as long as I don’t actually have to wear it. Because beautiful shoes hurt. When you shop for shoes, here’s an equation to keep in mind: the more heart-stopping gorgeous a pair of shoes, the tougher it’s going to be to walk.

And it is for these exact reason; providing comfortable pairs of Shoes, that the Barber brand was born. Read excerpts below of the KMB had with the brand CEO where she talked about her brand and more….

Kemi Mobuse: Can we meet you?
Ivy Barber Ng: My name is Tutu, I studied Marine Science from the University of Lagos but I'm very passionate about design and art. I enjoy painting, sketching reading and traveling.
Kemi Mobuse: What do you do?

Ivy Barber Ng: I own the Ivy Barber brand named after my mother

Kemi Mobuse: What inspired your brand @ivybarberng?
Ivy Barber Ng: I own the Ivy Barber brand named after my mother. I was inspired by the need for fun colorful comfortable footwear. I feel like its one area lacking in the fashion industry here. Everybody is concentrating on clothes and those that do make shoes have a very narrow spectrum ranging from black to brown and a few have other colours. I'm inspired by international designer Sophia Webster and her love for themed shoes, brilliant colours and interesting patterns
Kemi Mobuse: Wow, nice one! How old is your brand now and how has the market reception been?

Ivy Barber Ng: My brand is less than a year, but amazingly the reception has been pretty awesome! With almost 0 advertising, a lot of people have shown interest, and even wanting to partner!

Kemi Mobuse: What major challenges have you had to deal with since starting out, what can you say those challenges taught you
Ivy Barber Ng: My first major challenge was being cheated by my former artisan, I actually had to learn the hard way but I'm glad I pulled through.

Kemi Mobuse: Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

Ivy Barber Ng: I draw inspiration from Sophia Webster and from the beautiful array of leathers in the market.

Kemi Mobuse: Can you share with us, something someone will be surprised to learn about you
Ivy Barber Ng: You will be surprised to learn I don't eat amala lol  I can't stand it
Kemi Mobuse: Haha! What words do you live by as an entrepreneur?

Ivy Barber Ng: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me :) 

Kemi Mobuse: What do you aim to achieve with your brand in say 5 years?

Ivy Barber Ng: In the next 5 years, I hope to be a recognized African brand, with stores/ stock in other African countries.
Kemi Mobuse: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?

Ivy Barber Ng: My advice for upcoming entrepreneurs is; to enjoy the process, and whatever it is you're doing always learn how to do it yourself don't leave it all to a worker.
Kemi Mobuse: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
Ivy Barber Ng: Instagram and Twitter @ivy_barberng
My website which is still under construction but will be done soon www.ivybarber.com
More pictures below:

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