Introducing PSY Kimono with just a single Fashion Item: KIMONOS.......

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, July 29, 2016

Coming across PSY Kimono on IG actually happened by accident; something about her page captivated me and got my attention, I guess it was simply because, she unlike others I have seen was churning out Just a single dress item: KIMONO. It was an item she designed in so many ways and different styles that it was difficult to even see, we were looking at just one clothing Item.

Trust me to give in to my curiosity, I eventually got her to have a chat with me, and I realized, there and then, that Amirah is gonna be a force to be reckoned with in the Fashion Industry. Read excerpts from her interview below:

KMB: Can we meet you?

Psy Kimono: My name is Amirah Hassan.

KMB: What do you do?
Psy Kimono: I'm a designer, aspiring designer trying to build a brand.
I'm a graduate of University of Ilorin, studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

KMB: How did you find yourself in the fashion Industry?

Psy Kimono: I am new to fashion designing, I learnt to sew a while back but I wasn't using my skill because I wanted to focus on my academics first. I've always been an innovative person, I always feel like I can do things better than other people if I tried hard enough...
Having always known I was going to design from a tender age. I made my first sketch in Jss 3.But after then, I've always had other things occupying my time, Until I decided once and for all that; the timing right now.
KMB: What can you say inspired your kimono line?
Psy Kimono: Well. I am a Muslim, but I love wearing skinny jeans. I thought of a way around it, to be able to wear my skinny jeans and still look modest. That's why I chose kimonos as my focus. But with time, I decided to diversify.
KMB: What is the name of your brand and how old is it?
Psy Kimono: My brand name is PSY Kimono. We are a baby brand, we started in March 2016 but growing fast. We are 5 months old now.

KMB: How has the market reception been since inception?
Psy Kimono: My first collection turned out successful, thanks to my friends that purchased almost everything in the first week which really encouraged me.
The second collection was good too, friends and family mostly and a few strangers I met on the internet. Then I opened my instagram page and I got more visits and requests.
The first 2 months were incredible, and then there was a market recession for a while.
I got more visits and people asking for prices but no actual order. It got a bit frustrating and discouraging but I decided to keep going.
However, its better now than then but it could get better, thank God though...

KMB: Where do you get inspirations for your designs?

Psy Kimono: Well, I watch a lot of fashion movies and shows for inspiration. 

KMB: What can you say is your favourite part of you being a designer?
Psy Kimono: Sketching the dresses and choosing the right fabric to make them in. It could be stressful and confusing, sometimes it keeps me up all night but it's exciting.

KMB: And the most frustrating aspect of it?
Psy Kimono: I always have to go to several markets and stores to look for fabrics. It's quite tiring.
KMB: What major challenges have you had to deal with since inception? And what can you those challenges taught you?
Psy Kimono: Time is my major challenge. Designing is a full time job. Tailoring is also a full time job. I do both and I still have to leave for work at 6am and arrive back home at 6pm.
I'm coping, at least I'm trying. It has taught me to reevaluate my priorities and allocate my time judiciously

KMB: Who can you say is your major inspiration/model in this field?
Psy Kimono: Right from a tender age, my mum had always emphasized on the importance of looking good. She'll make you change your outfit as many times as possible until it is appropriate. So, yes my mum inspired me to start and still encourages me. I like to see people satisfied and looking good, that's what keeps me going.

KMB: Should we expect more from you soon apart from your kimono line?
Psy Kimono: Lol! Sure, I have plans of expanding. I'm already making plans to start a made in Nigeria hand bag and body jewelry line.
KMB: Where do you see psy kimono in the nearest 5 years?
Psy Kimono: Hopefully, PSY kimono would be a brand that will make Nigerians proud internationally. I hope to grow within and outside Nigeria. Starting trends and influencing fashion around the world, I know I dream big, Lol!.

KMB: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?
Psy Kimono: Well. Your Ideas and creations are gifts to the world. If you are creative or a problem solver and you know you have more to offer than you are giving to the world then you owe yourself a favour to TRY. Against all odds and discouragement, just TRY, start somewhere and stop procrastinating or someone else will do it and live your dream.
KMB: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
Psy Kimono: Instagram:@psy_kimono
Call or WhatsApp: 07039329824

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