YesChilli is the best thing to happen to bad cooks because it makes everything taste great - CEO & Founder YesChilli

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, July 11, 2016

Most sauces have more than one function in a dish. A sauce that adds a counterpoint flavor, for example, may also introduce textural and visual appeal. Sauces generally serve one or more of the following purposes.

YesChilli is a versatile sauce. It is great as a marinade for infusing all kinds of meat, fish, prawns and other seafood, tofu and vegetables and it is delicious as a table condiment – just add as much or as little as you like to your meal to give it an extra layer of flavour and heat. YesChilli sauce works excellently as dipping sauce on its own or as the base to a dipping sauce of your own making. Add honey for a sweet sauce, yoghurt for a savoury sauce, add brown sugar and lime for a Thai flavoured sauce… the possibilities are endless.

KMB had a short chit chat with the Brain behind the brand… Elizabeth Nwaizu and she was happy to tell us more about her special product and its various uses…excerpts below;

Kemi Mobuse: Can we meet you? What do you do?
YesChilli: My name is Elizabeth Nwaizu. I run Yeschilli. We manufacture healthy indigenous convenience foods.
Our first product is the YesChilli Pepper and Ginger sauce. This is a versatile sauce that moves from your dining table to the kitchen; limited only by your culinary imagination.

Cherie Blair(former first lady of the UK) holding YesChilli and the CEO of the brand

Kemi Mobuse: What inspired you going into the food industry? why sauces production in particular and not something like, fast food or catering?
YesChilli: I am a food enthusiast who loves good tasting food but do not have the time required to make tasty meals. I devised the sauce as a taste short cut to provide flavor to my dishes, reducing the length of time spent cooking meals to achieve the same level of flavor as the sauce. The sauce goes with virtually everything that requires pepper and can be eaten straight out of the bottle.
My nephew says that YesChilli is the best thing to happen to bad cooks because it makes everything taste great.
Kemi Mobuse: Hehe! Why this choice of name in particular?
YesChilli: The yes in YesChilli stands for Yes Embrace Special - your body is special, treat it right, and make positive choices in the foods you eat. The yes also connotes you saying yes to ethical and wholesome produce, while the chilli in YesChilli connotes ethnic, earthy food goodness.
The Spice Is Always Right With YesChilli.

Kemi Mobuse: How old is your brand now and how has the market reception been?

YesChilli: The brand was launched in the Uk in 2014 and in Nigeria in 2016.
It is a new product with a loyal consumer base. It is an Instant hit with the majority of consumers. We would like to create greater awareness of the product so that other people have the opportunity to discover the benefits and goodness of the product. We call it the "gadget sauce” because it has over 101 uses.
Yes Chili: The product's distribution by Spar and Addide commenced in July 2016
Kemi Mobuse: What major challenges have you had to deal with since starting out, how did you sort them out, more importantly what lessons can you say these challenges taught you?
YesChilli: The major challenges we have encountered is building awareness of the product. We are a startup firm with limited funds for major advertising especially for mainstream traditional outlet like radio and television. We are overcoming this challenge by launching a social media campaign shortly as well as maintaining some visibility via Instagram, Facebook and our website Our handle in social media remains - YesChilli

The biggest lesson I have learnt is to develop a listening ear, to remain focused on my goal of having a YesChilli product in every urban home in Nigeria in the next 5 years and to allow flexibility in my road map of achieving this goal.

Kemi Mobuse: As an entrepreneur, what words do you live by?

YesChilli: I live by the words - live long and prosper. I live and work as open and healthy as I can.

Kemi Mobuse: What do you aim to achieve with
YesChilli in say 5 years?

YesChilli: I would like to see a YesChilli product in every urban Nigerian home in 5 years

Kemi Mobuse: Can we expect more products from
YesChilli in the nearest future and what and what will they be?

YesChilli: There are a number of products lines up for consumers which would be introduced once the Pepper and Ginger sauce has bedded in. Including a healthy instant meal in a bowl which only requires the addition of hot water that would be an alternative to noodles.

Kemi Mobuse: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?

YesChilli: My advice to all entrepreneurs is to; never be put off asking for help. Work using the Lean principle and don't take rejections as defeats.

Kemi Mobuse: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
YesChilli: Email: 
Tel: 08087682137

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