Humour! 16 Things Everyone Who Has Worked In A Bank Can Relate To...

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, July 08, 2016

1. When you get your employment letter


We are not mates anymore.

2. First day of work and you hear you can only leave at 8PM

Sah, did you say eight as in 8PM?

3. During your training and you hear the kind of target they have


It’s not me that will go to the marketing department abeg.

4. When they end up putting you in the marketing department

File_000 (1)

Nobody said the road will be this rough.

5. And they tell you your target is N350 million


Must be a mistake, prank, or an expensive joke.

6. But you hear Chioma in marketing brought N400 million last quarter


Na jazz?

7. So you start wondering if bank work is worth it


My photographer and fashion designer friends are not having this stress.

8. You and your social life


Because no time to even sleep properly.

9. Waking up at 4AM and still getting caught up in traffic


This is just pure stress.

10. When you get to work 200% frustrated and Shola from customer service wants to crack jokes


Please, not today or anyday this week.

11. When one customer is getting impatient after only two minutes

WhatsApp-Image-20160705 (1)
Eskiss sir, you need to calm down abeg.

12. You, when people come to withdraw N500 over the counter


Are you being serious? For real?

13. When customer Musa always fills tellers wrong and runs away with your biro


What sort of people are in this world?

14. When your coworker removes his shoe and you can’t breathe again


My God, what is this stench?

15. You when your balances are not matching at the end of the day.


This is the end.

16. When they tell you your major account holder wants to close his account


Please sah. Epp.
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