I am an Ex-Banker who believed it's past time I started living my passion- CEO GLAM INTERIORS

By Kemi Mobuse - Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hmmmm! where do I even start, after a year of absence I was sceptical about getting my grooves back, but one thing I can tell you about is that: it almost never dies.

So, here we are, doing what we know how to do best....showcasing made in Naija products and Talents, and this talented lady right here; @ CEO of Glam Interiors, is one patient Chic, and that is why its such a pleasure to have a sitdown with her and wrestle out what makes her unique....before you say I talk too much, lemme serve you her interview on a platter with a side dish of barbecue Kitchen, hehe!

Read on below:

Kemi Mobuse: Can we meet you?
Glam Interiors: My name is Folukemi Seun-Abudu. I am a Christian. A Duly Certified Interior Designer and Wife to a great guy.
Kemi Mobuse: What do you do?
Glam Interiors: I am an Interior Designer. I make bespoke furniture, kitchen installation, Space planning and interior design consultancy.

Kemi Mobuse: What inspired your going into this field specifically? why not maybe a doctor, lawyer like during our parents' days, Lol!
Glam Interiors: Lol! I am actually an Ex-Banker. I recognized God's gifting. People were also always going on about how beautiful and well put together my apartment was. I helped some friends out pro bono with theirs too. When the banking pressure got too much, well, I decided to start living my passion. And here we are.... πŸ˜„. Glam was a year last month.
WE are really Grateful for how far God has brought us.
Kemi Mobuse: Hmmmmm….living your passion, that’s really inspiring...
Kemi Mobuse: What major challenges have you experienced since starting out and how can you say, it has helped you in your journey so far?
Glam Interiors: Hmmmm....At the onset, it was a bit of a challenge getting the brand known in the market but as time went on, we were able to carve a niche for ourselves. Our occasional chairs became well sought after and we broke into the market from there.
We have not even scratched the surface yet (lol) but we are grateful for how far God has brought us.

Kemi Mobuse: lovely....how old is your business now?
Glam Interiors: A year and a month.
Kemi Mobuse: What can you say your challenges have taught you?
Glam Interiors: To be stronger. It's taught me to know that; I can achieve whatever I set my heart to.
Kemi Mobuse: Where can you say you got ideas for your design from?
Glam Interiors: I have the knack for putting designs together in my head. Designs, Colors. So I put whatever inspiration I get to paper. I also learn from one or two people in the industry.
Kemi Mobuse: That's Amazing; I can see you are really talented.
Glam Interiors: 😊 thank you
Kemi Mobuse: And who or what can you say serves as your inspiration?
Glam Interiors: God is my inspiration. My gifts are from Him. 😁 He is the master designer.
Kemi Mobuse: Looking forward, where do you see glam interiors in five years
Glam Interiors: Oh wow!! I see Glam Interiors becoming a household name. Out of Nigeria but known to the World.

Kemi Mobuse: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?
Glam Interiors: Live your Passion. Be known for the quality of your job and know that there is room enough for everyone. Be your own competition! That way you grow better!!
Kemi Mobuse: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
Glam Interiors: We can be reached via the following:
Phone: 08035813508.
Instagram: @glaminteriors.ng
Kemi Mobuse: Thanks for your time.
Glam Interiors: 😊Its my pleasure.

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