Do you know how the very popular Habib Yoghurt Came to be? Get in Here!!!

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I first heard about Habib Yoghurt on one of my numerous snooping around  trip on Instagram, I was actually evil eyeing a lot of slim ladies on instagram,wondering how they got their delectable figures, Hian! last time I had such an enviable figure on me was during my University Days,....since then oh, my two boys has shown my body shege! but, I am very "over-determined" {abeg leave my English, na how body dey pepper me,Lol!} to get my sexy shape back.

So there I was on Instagram jeje oh, seeing and reading various posts about weight loss and Habib Yoghurt, Habib yoghurt this, Habib Yoghurt that, they even mentioned Greek yoghurt, but how does that one concern me? 

Habib Yoghurt has my attention 100 % , especially after being told, it can help in weight loss journey. So, you can imagine my absolute delight when I eventually had a taste of it with Jojos homemade Granola { heard of it? Check here} ....the combo was Heavenly ...meeeeeen!!!! I sighed with so much contentment and Bliss.....Believe me, you guessed right that; I and I alone ate it of course 😀😀😀😀😀....sorry I digress.......

I wondered of course, how Habib Yoghurt, a product obviously from the North, became so popular in Lagos especially among Fitness Fanatics, and I got to know its because it does help with weight loss, when taken in appropriate proportion with other healthy snacks even alone....and the story of the brain behind the brand is an inspiring one...

The man in the picture above is Habib, a Hausa man living in Abuja who grew from making and selling Fura de nunu; a local yoghurt to having a super store of his own.
It might not be a superstore in the real sense of the word, but it is indeed a huge change from where Habib was coming from.

If you know what Fura de nunu is, you would understand that it would have taken a great determination, courage and hard work for Habib to save and attain the heights he has attained.

There is so much to inspire one in Habib’s story especially in this period of recession where everyone is looking up to one man or another for help… It is inspiring to know that some have taken hold of their future and are painting it in bright colors without waiting for anyone.

The most interesting part is that despite having made some money from all indications, Habib has not forgotten how to make his Fura, this time, with NAFDAC approval!

Habib is indeed an inspiration. From milking cows to owning a super store…

If you are in Lagos, you can get to buy at one of the following Centres, google can help with more Addresses.

1.Address146 Ogudu Rd, Ogudu, Lagos
2.AddressShop A27 Riggs Plaza,along Ogunusi Road,Beside CLAM, 300001, Ojodu
Phone:0903 114 8876
3.Address79 Asa-Afariogun St, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos
4.Address96 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos
5.Address50 Allen Ave, Allen, Ikeja
Phone: 0803 370 8954

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  1. Your Ajao Shop isn't well stock, only d youghut and fura. Unlike other outlet with varieties groundnut, coconut, cashew nut. I love ur youghut and live around there. Pls let it be available till evening pls.

    1. Please what's their ajao address? I don't have habib yoghurt close to were I am.

  2. Please what's their ajao address? I don't have habib yoghurt close to were I am.

  3. Please, i live in Abeokuta. How can i get this habib yogurt? Because have haerd a lot about it. Thanks.

    1. An outlet is now available at camp opposite dambold filling station

  4. Pls if i want to be a dealer in Kogi (Anyigba) how can i start?

  5. Please I will like to be a dealer in Tapa street Ebute Metta Lagos mainland ! Please kindly revert. Thanks

  6. Pls I will like to be a distributor of Habib yogurt,Meiran Abule egba .Lagos

  7. Please how can I be a distributor in o.a.u campus

  8. How can i be retailer of Habib yoghurt

  9. How can I be a distributor, please revert

  10. please how can I be a dealer in sango ojure side?

  11. Hello, please I'll like to be a dealer for Habib in Ondo State... Can you help in anyway link me with anyone can give me answers as to how I can go about it. Thank you