My love for food and healthy lifestyle inspired my selling KULIKULI... CEO KOZEE FOODS

By Kemi Mobuse - Thursday, August 17, 2017

HMMMMM!!!!If I were to describe the love I have for Kulikuli ehn! I bet that is the only gifts people will end up giving me for my birthday, Lol!

Looking back to my secondary school days, my Father will ask me to write out a list of the things I want to take to school, trust me, No. 1 will of course happen to be Kulikuli, followed by Ijebu Garri naturally...hehe..Korrect Ijebu gal....

Since growing up however, I no longer get a chance to eat the snack as much as I would like, it therefore makes for a refreshing change to see a beautiful lady making a Kulikuli come back with a Big Bang, in fact, you can say Kulikuli just got its groove back, LOL!

Mrs Ogechi had a chitchat with me, where she opened up about her business and how it came to be....una too like gist..please read on below...

Kemi Mobuse: Can we meet you?
Kozee Foods: I'm Ogechi Okelu, a pharmacist by training and an entrepreneur in the making.
Kemi Mobuse: What inspired you starting Kozee food?
Kozee Foods: My love for food and healthy lifestyle.

Kemi Mobuse: What exactly does Kozee food bring to the table, and how has the journey been since inception?
Kozee Foods: We are passionate about recreating Nigerian indigenous snacks in a healthy and hygienic way for consumer satisfaction.

It's been an interesting, challenging but rewarding experience so far.
Kemi Mobuse: And by snacks you mean?
Kozee Foods: Our local Nigerians snacks. The first which we have registered with Nafdac is the Kozee Kulikuli. Kulikuli is a snack made in the northern part of Nigeria from groundout paste. It is tradionally eaten as a snack or with soaked garri. It can also be eaten in yoghurt as a parfait, in pap or as a salad topping.  It is nutritious and ours is made without preservatives and so it is a healthy snack.
Kemi Mobuse: Can I ask why Kulikuli exactly/ why not say groundnut or so, what I am asking is, what interested you Kulikuli and what gave you the assurance that, it will be a lucrative product for your business?
Kozee Foods: I chose to maintain the traditional name of the snack to preserve the Nigerian culture and history

As with any business, there is no 100% assurance. It's all about doing the necessary market research and taking a risk with the hope that it all works out as expected.
Kemi Mobuse: Where do you see Kozee foods in say 5 years time?
Kozee Foods: Our vision is to be the preferred brand of Nigerian indigenous snacks both in Nigeria and the global African  market.

Kemi Mobuse: that is lovely to know
Kemi Mobuse: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs in the food/agric industry?
Kozee Foods: Stay focused and read as much as you can. There s a lot of useful information out there. Understand the market properly and be flexible enough to make adjustments where necessary.
Kemi Mobuse: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
Kozee Foods: Website:
No: 08161179552
Facebook: kozeefoods
IG: @kozeefoods

Kemi Mobuse: Thanks for your time
Kozee Foods: Thank you too.

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