The sweet memory of My Grandma lighting Candles all around the house to usher in the new year inspired ÀbélàTM - CEO & Brand Creator Abela World

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, August 14, 2017

On entering my Sister's House, after being away for a long while, a feeling of Homecoming instantly enveloped me, I fell deeply in love with the peaceful ambience emanating from every nooks and crannies of the house...My Sister you see, has decided to decorate her house with a Lavender Reed Fragrance Diffuser and it was giving off a scent that is both peaceful and pure.

There and then; I made a special promise to myself that; my house is always going to give off that kind of ambience, no matter what, and I can certainly say, I have kept my promise, even at the expense of my pocket, hehe!

So you can imagine my delight on rejoining the blogging world, when I came across Abela world. I was typically filled with curiosity about this unique product, everything about it just smells different and I simply MUST know why....

Thankfully, the beautiful CEO Mrs Deola Paul-Inyang was very willing to enlighten me and it makes for a scintillating read....

Kemi Mobuse: Can we meet you?
Abela World: My name is Deola Paul-Inyang. I’m the Brand Creator & CEO of Abela World.

Kemi Mobuse: What is Abela world about? And what inspired this choice of business?
Abela World: Abela World is a Luxury Home Fragrance and Aromatherapy Creation House.

There is a story behind every creation in the Scents of Africa House. Every piece of the brand fabric is a product of refined thought. ÀbélàTM may sound generic and ethnically versatile, but for the people of Western Nigerian Origin, it means “Candle”.

Founded in December 2015, ÀbélàTM by Scents of Africa was born in the home of brand creator Deola Paul-Inyang. Inspired by exotic scents, Adeola desired to create a sensational experience that inspires creativity, Love and Happiness.

The idea for ÀbélàTM was created from this passion and a throwback memory of happy moments in the brand creator’s childhood where her grandmother would light up candles all over the house to usher in a new year indicative of lighting our lives for a glorious new year, her grandmother would say “e lo tan Àbélà” – which is interpreted from the Yoruba language as “Go and light up the candles”

Every ÀbélàTM product is specially handcrafted by the brand creator; essentially giving Àbélà by Scents of AfricaTM its unique euphoric and therapeutic effect. Every product is infused with essential oils and made from only organic and botanical oils.

Kemi Mobuse: nice one! What major challenges have you experienced since inception and how can you say , it has helped you grow?
Abela World: It's been an interesting journey of passion and art. With passion comes the innate drive for excellence in product delivery. I must be honest, excellence has its price and it sure isn't cheap.

One of the fundamental challenges we've faced is being able to source raw materials locally sustainably, consistently and in the processed form that meets the standard fit enough to go through our production process.

Kemi Mobuse: I have come across a lot of Fragrances and Candles, all sayig they are the best, what makes you You?

Abela World: Abela is a proudly Nigeria Home Fragrance & Aromatherapy brand that is conscious about using as much Nigerian resources as possible in its production of a toxic free range of home fragrance products. Our beeswax for instance is painstakingly sourced for the right consistency and quality here in Nigeria.

At Abela World, everything is a product of refined thought from our logo, motif to the product; all of which are built with a story that resonates Africa's creativity and essence.
The brand's prerogative is to hoist the Nigerian flag high in the international space as one that competes favourably with other known international brands in packaging, quality and consistency.

Our brand exudes scents but for us it is much more, it’s our ability to use scents; an everyday interaction to alter the state of mind of people towards holistic living.

By using natural raw materials we are ensuring not only sustainability of the Nigerian agro economy but also empowering micro/small businesses within our value chain.  Through our brand, we are shaping the mindset of people towards professionalism and excellence in product development within our sphere of influence.

In summary, We are building a brand that Nigerians will be most proud of to call their own.
Kemi Mobuse: I can see that your love for Nigeria is really obvious and I have hope that; it will certainly help your brand grow…

Abela World: In playing our part to improve excellence in product delivery for the budding Perfume Industry in Nigeria as well as encourage the Nigerian Cottage Business Initiative, we are investing in grooming more Creative artisan perfumers and chandlers in Nigeria through the Abela Fragrance Academy.
Kemi Mobuse: Is Abela world mostly focused on fragrance creation? or there is more?
Abela World: We are focused on the creation of Home Fragrance & Aromatherapy Products. We also have a training academy as stated earlier
Our key focus is on Aromatherapy...Leveraging on the power of scents to impact on human psychology

Kemi Mobuse: What can you say is your favourite scent among the ones you make?
Abela World: Hmmmm...that's a trick question 🤣🤣🤣🤣...momma loves all her babies equally...For the love of scents...😁
Kemi Mobuse: And what is the one constant ingredient that is a MUST HAVE for all your products?
Abela World: Each product has it's constant..but if I had to give that info away...then i'd most likely have to lock you up in Abela World...😜
Our products are primarily made using botanical compounds
It's what makes Àbélà by Scents of Africa brand unique in orientation
Kemi Mobuse: haha @lock me up....nice one
Kemi Mobuse: how does the CEO of Abela world unwind? And where do you  get your inspiration?
Abela World: Another trick question🤣🤣🤣🤣....

If I told you I crawl up in a cozy corner, read a nice text book on essential oils, and light an Abela...i'd sound nerdish right...if I said I like the travels and adventure...i'd sound wealthy right? or if i said I like owambe...i guess i'd be lying with a big long i'd rather go with...WATCHING TELEMUNDO!!@🤣

Abela World: My inspiration....hmmmm....I'd say it’s primarily a God inherent spirit of creativity...but also...from botanicals...and human I really think am sounding very bookish...But in earnest, I really get my inspiration from the intrinsic nature of everything around me.
Kemi Mobuse: HAHA!!! I see you are a fun person, and I bet that personality reflects in the scents you create too, well-done.

Abela World: Lol...if you say so...i.e. about the fun person...but rightfully said...the scents reflect a character in themselves...and when mixed with African resilient spirit and love for the art...they are just in a world of their own

Kemi Mobuse: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
Abela World: You can reach us on social media 
@abelaworld (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
or the Àbélà Studio, 398 Herbert Macaulay way Yaba Lagos, Nigeria
Abela World: Thank you very much Kemi Mobuse...hope we can meet sometime
Kemi Mobuse: It’s my pleasure ma’am.

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