Meet Oluwatomisin Olorungbade the lady who started her made in Nigeria Hair bonnet brand with just N5,000

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, March 04, 2019

I met Tomisin when I was having a bridal Collaboration shoot to show off my modelling side *yimu* I tried sha ohhhh, but that;s beside the point.

Tomisin wanted me to model for her hair bonnet. Prior to that, I've never used a hair bonnet before or even seen one...but Tomisin sold me the idea and I bought it hook, line and sinker.

Not only did I model the hair bonnet, but I ended going home with one,and you can barely find us far apart from each other.😁😁😁😁, I have healthier hair thanks to it and its long enough for me to even be called "an oyinbo" 😉, so whenever you see me, please put some respect on my name,lol!

I sat down with Tomisin on a quest to better understand her brand and she told me a lot about her brand and how it came to be.

Read excerpts below:

KMB: Can we meet the beautiful lady behind the brand?

Naija Hair Bonnet: My name is Oluwatomisin Aduraseyi Olorungbade.
I’m the CEO of Naija Bonnet Collections, a made in Nigeria brand created solely for the love of Healthy hair and how to care and maintain it.

KMB: What inspires your designs?

Naija Hair Bonnet: Asides healthy hair care? Beautiful prints especially Ankara and satins..which are the materials I use for making my hair bonnets.

KMB: Describe the Naija bonnet brand and aesthetic.

Naija Hair Bonnet: Our major aim is to help foster healthy haircare by tackling hair dryness and breakage. This is because asides medical conditions and lack of protein treatment. A major cause of hair dryness + breakage is lack of moisture.
Not everyone knows to moisturize their hair. And those that do, may not retain it in their hair and here in lies our mission.
To help individuals retain moisture and nutrients in their hair and foster healthy hair care and hair growth they desire, naija bonnet collection was created.

We use satin to achieve moisture retention but add on the Ankara print just for an extra spice.
KMB: Who do you envision wearing your designs?
Naija Hair Bonnet: Basically anyone with hair... Or let me say anyone who loves their hair irrespective of gender.
KMB: How did you start out financial wise?
Naija Hair Bonnet: I started with about 5k I think.
I got satin materials for about 1.5k then I used the rest for Ankara and all others.

I think I was able to make about 6 bonnets with that. It wasn't so cost effective then but thankfully I was able to re-adjust
KMB: What challenges have you experienced since starting out and how have you been able to overcome?
Naija Hair Bonnet: Getting the perfect fit
Fabric sourcing
For the perfect fit... I try as much as possible to ask for feedbacks from previous buyers on how the bonnet sits on their head and firm it is and to know if any of it needs a readjustment.

Whatever correction I make to one product, serves as a new lesson on how to better tackle the next product.
We are still working on expansion and fabric sourcing.

KMB: What is the best review you’ve been given regarding your product?

Naija Hair Bonnet: Basically reviews with prayers in it.

For instance,
A lady said it was painless doing business with me 😂.

Another said thanks "I love the bonnet", I replied "aww I am glad you like it" and she responded no "I love it".

MB: Favorite style icons?K

Naija Hair Bonnet: Claire Idera
The Lady Vhodka

KMB: Lifestyle philosophy?

Naija Hair Bonnet: I try to live according to the Bible. Not a preacher or doctrine but the bible itself.

I just try to do what's right and have a clear conscience with whatever action I take.
KMB: What empowers you?
Naija Hair Bonnet: God and then seeing others make it... Whenever I see or read about successful people especially women, it assures me that I can do it.
KMB: Describe a typical, off-duty weekend for you.
Naija Hair Bonnet: I haven’t had an off day/weekend in a while but a typical one would be me waking up late, doing my prayers and watching shows till evening.

Of course I would slot in 1-2 meals in between.

KMB: What can we expect from future naija bonnets collections?

Naija Hair Bonnet: I Plan on doing some creative outdoor headwear. It would be something different than the usual indoor bonnet.
KMB: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?
Naija Hair Bonnet: Seek God.
Find what you love.
Find what those around you need.
Find a way to make both work.
Be good at it.
Be hungry for success.
KMB: How should intending buyers contact you in regards to your products?
Naija Hair Bonnet: Mobile/Whatsapp: 08139102705
Mobile 2: 08082388343
IG: @naijahairbonnet
Facebook: ankara.n.prints/naijahairbonnet
KMB: Thanks for your time.

Naija Hair Bonnet: Thank You for your interest in the brand.

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