Meet Stephen Abimbola the woman crocheting her way to Stardom with her breathtaking designs

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, February 01, 2019


Stephen Abimbola learned to crochet while still in secondary school; it was a hobby she used just to while away the times. For young Bimbo, it was a genuinely amusing pastime that, unbeknownst to her, would go on to play a remarkable role in her professional career.

She began to crochet professionally in October 2016 shortly after the birth of her daughter. She made her a breathtaking baby booties which captured the attention of her friends and families, propelling them to request for same to be made for their own babies and they were willingly to pay for them.

This was all the breakthrough Bimbo needed and she has been crocheting avidly ever since.

KMB interviewed her and here are excerpts of all she had to say:

KMB: Can we meet you?

Nathesth Crochet: My name is Mrs Stephen Abimbola Phebean. I’m the Head Crocheter and creative director of Nathesth crochet collections.
I’m happily married and mom to two gorgeous kids.

KMB: Where did you grow up and when did you learn to crochet? Were you self-taught?

Nathesth Crochet: I grew up in Ibadan, although I was born in Oshogbo.
Crocheting was a hobby I discovered while still in secondary school.

When I however made the decision to turn my passion into a business, I learnt with the aid of some YouTube videos and improved on all the techniques I learnt there.

KMB: How did you come about making a living from crocheting?

Nathesth Crochet: I started making a living from crocheting when I had my baby girl in 2016;I made a beautiful baby bootie for her, people saw it and really loved it. From there, some of them made orders to have some made for their babies too.

I was actually working as a teacher then, and was sorting out the orders while still on maternity leave; by the time my leave was over, I realized the money I made from crocheting was way more than my salary as a teacher.

There and then, I decided to go into crocheting full time and it’s a decision that I’ve never for once regretted.

KMB: How old is your brand and how has the market reception been?

Nathesth Crochet: I started my brand in 2016 that makes it three years old now.

KMB: What major challenges have you had to deal with and how have you been able to overcome them all?

Nathesth Crochet: As with every business, Logistics and Delivery seems to be a major challenge and the cost of raw materials seems to be on the high side recently, but to the Glory of God, I believe it’s getting better.

In terms of logistics especially delivery, although I haven’t found a lasting solution to it…I work with the bus drivers at each park who help me in transporting the orders.

KMB: How do you research and prepare the theme of your work before creation? How spontaneous is the whole process?

Nathesth Crochet: I do a lot of research using Google and Pinterest. From which I get a lot of great ideas.

Most times, these ideas act as my sources of inspiration or the building blocks for my own designs.

The bottom line is that, I always make sure that I maintain originality in my work as much as possible.

This is what makes it easy for me to be able to coach others that are interested in following the same line of business.

KMB: Which artists inspire you in your line of business?

Nathesth Crochet: None for now.

The only person who inspires me is Her Excellency Dolapo Osinbajo
She also crochets.

KMB: If money and time were not an issue, what would your dream project be?

Nathesth Crochet: My dream project is to be able to crochet and supply
my work in large quantities as a company.

By so doing I will be providing job opportunities for other people as there would be need for division of labour.

KMB: What's next for YOU?

Nathesth Crochet: Being recognized globally as a crocheter and also as a lady who promotes made in Nigeria products while impacting crochet knowledge to those who cares to know it especially students who are still in schools to CATCH THEM YOUNG.

KMB: For those looking to purchase your products, how can they reach you?

Nathesth Crochet: They can reach me on my contact numbers 08174106237 or 07065073340.

Nathesth Crochet: Thank you.

Check out some more of her amazing work below:

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