Meet Nigeria's No.1 Acne Specialist - Bisi Ogunwale the CEO of Oseduduspecial organic skincare brand

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Getting a silky smooth skin may seem impossible but Bisi Ogunwale, the CEO of Osedudu Special Skincare is here to help. Her product works for everyone irrespective of whatever skin issues they may have, she's seen it all and proffers readily available solutions with her unique made in Nigeria skincare products.

The award-winning brand has a pretty simple story behind its creation: founder Bisi Ogunwale suffered from acne teenage hood and after failing to find the right skincare to cure it, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

KMB had a quick chat with this beauty entrepreneur about her brand…Read below to know all she shared with us:

KMB: Can we get to know more about the talented beauty and brain behind your made in Nigeria organic skincare brand?

Osedudu Special SkincareMy name is Bisi Ogunwale. I am a trained accountant from Moshood Abiola polytechnic, Ogun state but I have been a professional sales person for over 15 years selling various things from service and fast moving consumer goods food to cosmetics, beauty and real estate. I have worked in both local and multinational organizations and I have a 9 to 5 job managing the national team of a cosmetic distribution company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Beside this, I run my side businesses which are basically events management, a natural and organic skincare business and I am a realtor too. I have been married for 15 years and I am blessed with 2 kids both in secondary school now.

KMB: Oseduduspecial organic skincare has become one of the top-of-the-line skincare products preferred by many. How did it all get started?
Osedudu Special SkincareOseDuduSpecialskincare is a direct result of my own personal experience. As a growing child and through my adolescent years I have always had issues with managing my skin because it is very sensitive. I struggled continuously with acne, blemishes and scars. It got worse after I started having kids and many years after; to the point that I suffered from different skin blemishes and outbreaks.

This prompted me to seek for medical and herbal remedies both in Nigeria and abroad but I couldn’t seem to get a lasting solution.

I eventually decided to listen to the advice of my older sister to go back to using Ose dudu (local black soap) and adin-agbon (coconut oil) mixed with palm oil; this was because My mom insisted on using only these for me while growing up.

I took the advice as a challenge and decided to upgrade to my own version of ose dudu. I researched a lot on Google for easily available ingredients to add to it to make it more effective. I started using it and surprisingly I got amazing results. Gradual but lasting...

I started it in my living room with my kids. After a while, my friends and family started noticing this change and started requesting for it.

That was the birth of Ose Dudu Special.

This made me determined to make a business of it, so, I took formal courses to improve and expand on my discovery… Coupled with more research and as a result, this is where we are today….
KMB: Are there people you look up to in terms of beauty and practices? Who are your beauty inspirations?
Osedudu Special Skincare: My business role model is Quincy Herbals (Madam Quincy Ayodele)
KMB: If you are to recall your past beauty habits, what do you think are the harshest things that you have done to your skin?

Osedudu Special Organic Skincare: Usage of things like toothpaste and other things not organic for my skin. Back then, when I had a lot of acne issues I was advised to try toothpaste. It of course burnt my skin.
KMB: How long have you been in business?

Osedudu Special Skincare: Formally OseDuduSpecialskincare has been in business since 2012. We registered it as a business in 2014. So we are like 6 years in this business.

KMB: What motivates you as an Entrepreneur in this business?

Osedudu Special Skincare: My major motivation is the daily need to help people especially teenagers and adults to combat various skin issues like blemishes and acne.

The pure relief and joy they get when this is overcome with the use of our products drives me daily to do more, research more and make greater attempts at improvement.

KMB: Your favourite quote of all time?

Osedudu Special Skincare: My dad used to tell me when I was growing up that you can be whatever you want to be. Meaning it is all about me… success or failure. Also my Mom used to say that you have been sent to school just like your future husband, so you must not hope to depend on a man. ‘You have all it takes’. Whenever I remember these words, I am motivated to go the extra mile.

KMB: Where do you see oseduduspecialskincare in three years’ time?

Osedudu Special Skincare: I see a vision of OseDuduSpecialskincare available in major stores across Nigeria and also available in our open markets.

I want it to be affordable and available while still maintaining its quality
KMB: Did you experience difficulty in penetrating the organic skincare market?

Osedudu Special Organic SkincareOse dudu special was birthed in 2012. Then, the organic skincare business in Nigeria wasn’t as big as it is but there was a great need and gradual awareness for an alternative solution to skincare outside of the regular cosmetics that was available then.
This coupled with the fact that a lot of people mostly women were battling with acne and other skin issues, they could easily relate with our brand.

Introducing our brand was not really difficult so we had it easy penetrating the market. We used a lot of personalized ads and word of mouth selling to push the brand.

We started out with taking care of skin blemishes with special focus on acne, rashes and other related issues. This made a huge impact on our followers when they saw the results people got from it, this led to more request for solutions to other issues. We had to re-strategize, get more research done and respond with quality results...

KMB: Which of the skincare solutions you produced are you most proud of, and why?
Osedudu Special Organic SkincareAs much as we are very proud of all our products, our blemish repair set remains our masterpiece.. That is why I’m being called the No.1 Acne Specialist

KMB: Many people would like to make the switch from conventional to organic beauty products. Are there tips that you can recommend to them?
Osedudu Special Organic Skincare: Yes many people want to switch but most are scared and often skeptical...

Truth is that, it all starts from what we eat and what you expose your skin to.

Going the organic skincare path requires a level of understanding, determination, and patience of paying more attention to the skin.
It is a deliberate step.
There are lots of DIYs that can be tried. Talking with a practitioner or specialist too will help.
But more importantly is getting people to understand that though it may seem slow, natural and organic skincare products do work.
KMB: Aside from choosing organic beauty products, what other practices do you think must be put in place to create an ideal beauty routine?

Osedudu Special Organic Skincare: Healthy lifestyle, eating right, balanced meals, lots of fruits and water, exercising, cultivating routine sleep time, and laughter. Enjoying the sun shine and laughing is all good for the soul and which translate into what we see as beauty on the outside.

KMB: What do you think are your biggest accomplishments as a beauty expert?

Osedudu Special Organic Skincare: Seeing the joy that radiates from my clients whenever they’ve achieved the result they wanted i.e a clean, healthy and spotless skin. The reviews I get also gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

KMB: Any words of wisdom for anyone looking to venture into organic skincare field?

Osedudu Special Organic Skincare: There are so many people looking to go into the skincare field, I will therefore advise that; they do it right.
First is to have a genuine interest to give service. To provide solutions. It is not about the financial rewards.

They should seek genuine knowledge, studies on the subject and practice. They need to create time for research too.

They should find and specialize in a particular niche. A product at a time. You do not need to make or sell all at once. It can be achieved but gradually.

Lastly when frustration sets in while sourcing a market for their products, they should persevere.

KMB: Lastly, how will you like to be contacted for your products?
Osedudu Special Organic Skincare: Currently our website is undergoing reconstruction.

But we can be contacted via:
Call or Whatsapp: +2348034064332

Facebook: OseDuduSpecialskincare

IG @oseduduspecialskincare

Our office is located in Abesan housing estate, Ipaja, Lagos
KMB: Thanks for your time ma.

Osedudu Special Organic Skincare: Thank You too.

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