Laughline: 10 Qualities Every Maths Teacher In Nigeria Has...HEHE!

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, August 08, 2018

All Mathematics teachers are more similar than you think especially in secondary school.

1. They can flog. It's like all maths teachers attended the Nigerian Flogging Academy 😏

When your teacher has been explaining bearing for 2 hours and he asks you what is bearing and you say "Uncle you've not taught us"
2. They all have the element of surprise deeply rooted in them.

One rainy Thursday when you should be sipping tea, your maths teacher will just enter and ask you to tear sheet of paper

3. They can make anybody run mad.

Because what is that?

3. They are all evil spirits in disguise because what will make a teacher enter an exam hall where you're sweating and start to laugh. What? If not evil spirit.

4. They like to talk.

Because there is always something to say before they share scripts in this life

5. Patience. The patience to mark scripts.

The amount of rubbish I wrote in every maths exam can give someone permanent madness

5. Punctuality and Stellar Health.

My maths teacher was never sick. Even during Ebola crisis, this man did not catch anything.

5. Embarrassing students is their hobby. You, before maths period Vs. You, after your maths teacher finishes abusing your Olodo ass

5. Experts at confusing people. This minute Sade has 15 oranges and the next minute we have to calculate the sex of Sade's baby.

6. Heart attack givers. According to them, if you don't understand Sine and Cosine, you can't make it in life

7. But that's not you own business because you want to be a Dj in future. 😛😛😛😛😛😃😃😃

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