Meet Kenny Toyo the practicing lawyer who also doubles as a Make up Artist!

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mrs Kenny Toyo comes from a stable background. As a child, she had a strong artistic inclination and an affinity for beauty. “Even as a grown woman I would say I still have a curious and active imagination. Being a loner has made me into a bit of a storyteller, which happens to be something that I apply to my work every day.” Kenny currently resides in Lagos, as she says the beauty industry there is vibrant, exciting and ever-growing. “I do think that I’m in a good place and enjoy being part of a market that is opening up to a more beauty forward direction.😁” She is currently a practicing lawyer but everything comes down to art, fashion and beauty in the end.

So, Kenny decided to man up and make a career out of it.  “[I] became determined to become the best makeup artist I could possibly be”.  I haven’t looked back ever since and I couldn’t be happier.”

In this interview with KMB, She spoke about her passion, her work and the various challenges she has encountered along the way……Read below:

 KMB: Can we meet you?

Baf beauty: My name is Mrs Kenny Toyo, I am a very passionate makeup artist as well as a hair and head gear stylist. I am also a lawyer by profession and still in active practice. I love to be around people who inspire and motivate me.

KMB: Why did you choose a career in Makeup Artistry & in the beauty Industry?

Baf beauty: Growing up as a young girl…I had always been experimental with makeup. My most vivid memory as a child was reaching into my mother’s makeup bag and hair attachments and used them on myself as well as my sisters. I loved dressing up and making myself look very beautiful.
I remember I was the one who usually made my hair and that of my sisters for school. Infact, no matter the hairstyle they called in school, mine always comes with was so good at it that even my classmates back then would always made me redo their hairstyles while still in school.

In high school and college my love for everything beauty and fashion continued. As I grew older  I realized that my obsession with beauty products was more than just vanity, it meant something to me. I wanted to become a Makeup artist.

The journey to making a career out of it was thanks to my friend who was getting married during our Nysc/youth service Days. She approached me and wanted to know my fee for doing her bridal makeup for the D-day, I was really shocked at first but I grasped the opportunity with both hands, lol!😀😀

There and then, I decided to go the professional route; I invested in good makeup and enrolled at my first makeup school to perfect my art.
Since then it’s been a wonderful journey for me and I am so grateful to God.

KMB: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Baf beauty: I get my inspiration directly from my work.

For my Beauty photo shoots, I get inspiration from things happening around me and from the works of people I look up to in the beauty Industry.

If you check my phones I have loads of saved works of my mentors that I would love to recreate; but when I’m working with my clients I get my inspiration from their personality; to me, their personality will determine the kind of makeup/ hairstyle I will do on them because I wouldn’t want to do a loud makeup/ hairstyle for someone that is very simple and reserved and vice versa. I always ensure I have a good relationship with my clients so as to know exactly what they want and interpret it to their satisfaction.

KMB: How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get Your Big Break into the Industry?

Baf beauty: I have been a professional makeup artist about  5 years now and it has been an amazing albeit tough experience.

KMB: What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

Baf beauty: The challenges I have experienced are many. For instance, getting access to authentic and affordable makeup products is tough, in a country like Nigeria where the market is nearly saturated with imitations.

There is also the issue of clients not keeping to time. Majority of the time, after reaching an agreement time and date wise, its saddening when you get there and discover that the client is ready for makeup until an hour later... this always disrupts my plans especially when I have other appointments that is time bound. 

Getting clients to believe in my skills is another challenge....Most people tend to judge the makeup artist by looking at the followership on the makeup artist page instead of by her skills... this has made me challenge myself everyday by going for regular training in one form or the other so that I can become better at what I do.

KMB: Share Some Highlights from Your Career. What are some of the Most Memorable Moments Thus Far?

Baf beauty:  The highlight of my career is when I got a call from a celebrity I admire so much to do her makeup. I was so excited that she has noticed my work and trusts me to deliver.
Most of my memorable moments are usually when I see the look of happiness, surprise and delight on the faces of my client once am done making them up.
Their pure expressions of delight usually give me a sense of fulfillment. Infact, I always feel like the mother of the!.. This is what keeps me going on.

KMB: What is the Best Part of Being a Makeup Artist?

Baf beauty: The best part of being a makeup artists are the people you get to meet, the experiences you gain and the lessons you learn.
I have become a better person because of this. But the ultimate is seeing the smile on my client’s faces after their makeup; it gives me so much joy.

KMB: What do You Look for When Hiring a Makeup Assistant or Makeup Artists to Work with You at Events/shoots etc.?

Baf beauty:  I basically look at how good they are at their craft, their level of experience, their mode of dressing and their character.

KMB: What is your favorite tip as a MUA that you would like to share?

Baf beauty: Well! I’m a strong believer in getting to know your client and their personality. That, I guarantee you will give you happy clients always.

KMB: How do You Manage Your Time Running Your Own Brand While being married?

Baf beauty: I always plan ahead of time and I have a Very supportive family. So this makes it so easy.

KMB: For those interested in your services, how can they get to contact you?

Baf beauty: You can contact me on:
Instagram handle: @baf_beauty
Phone number: 08036262584.

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