Meet Jagaban of Hustler square; the lady creating a revolutionary entrepreneurial movement in Nigeria

By Kemi Mobuse - Thursday, July 26, 2018

The first time I heard about hustler square was four(4) months ago.  A friend of mine tagged me on a post called 'Transmission of followers" or 'Follow for follow" where you will follow pages you are interested via the comment section of Jagaban's page and they will also return the favour.

It was a way for Nigerian entrepreneurs to boost their followers fast and make sales as well as get a chance to collaborate with interested vendors, all in a bid to be successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

It was a welcome change for Instagram business owners  who has struggled for years to grow their customer base and for others who haven't made a single sale on Instagram since they opened shop.

A lot of entrepreneurs wholeheartedly embraced this change from the norm as all involved recorded sudden increase in their number of followers.

Jagaban's  sole mission is to help entrepreneurs grow and help them make double/triple income in a short time frame. To this end, she teaches them several do's and don'ts of the business world in relatable ways and show them ways to implement steps that will boost their pages.

To show how powerful and relatable she is, I have watched her page grow from 1500 to over 31,000 just in the space of three months. To make it in the business world, I will advice you to get your tent and pitch it in the Hustler Square....Trust me, you will thank me later 😁😁😁.

KMB interviewed this phenomenal lady and by the time we were done I was totally bowled over....why don't you read on below?

KMB: Can we meet the beautiful lady behind the brand "Hustler square"?

Hustler Square: My actual name is Lily, although Jagaban or Jaggy for short has taken over. I am from Delta state; a graduate of Delta state University, Abraka. I am a revolutionist, I talk about change and I don't just sit around talking about it, I actually practice it and look for ways to effect the change I preach about; this is where Hustlersquare comes in.

KMB: Your name Jagaban/hustler square is a very unique one. How did you come up with it and what does it mean?

Hustler Square: Jagaban simply means Leader of Warriors. A Boss of Bosses. Someone who is powerful, influential and also in charge. In this Case I am a Leader of Entrepreneurs (Warriors). My duty is to make sure they Succeed in Business against all odds. The Hustlers square is just like a market square, difference is: here, hustlers gather to hold meetings and deliberate on how to beat every obstacle hand in hand and Rise by lifting others.
KMB: It’s like hustler square happened overnight and out of nowhere, what prompted you to start the brand?

Hustler Square: In a bid to help friends and family start up their own businesses, I found myself mentoring and helping them succeed. I was eager to share my experience with upcoming vendors so as to shorten the usual time frame it would have taken for them to find their way and cut off all unnecessary back and forth... I knew I had it in me what it will take to shine my light on the paths of as many vendors I come in contact with. This was my motive and driving force. I also believed that every woman must be empowered and financially free. To this end, I mentor women on how to cash out against all odds and make a living. This here is the icing on the cake and gives me absolute fulfilment.

KMB: How has the reception been since starting out?

Hustler Square: It's Been AMAZING!!! More than I anticipated actually. It's a movement that is moving faster than I expected. Everyone wants to be a part of this life changing hustlers square and I am so happy about it.

KMB: It sounds like you juggle a lot at once: you mentioned something about being an IT consultant, then there’s your fitness/shape wear line among others. How do you do it, and is it something you will ever consider giving up?
Hustler Square: Yes! I was a Banker for 5 years but I resigned in 2016. For my other businesses, I have virtual and Personal assistants that help me manage them but because I am a perfectionist, I am ALWAYS checking in on them to be sure nothing is going wrong. Not easy I must say but totally worth it. Women are generally wired to multi task and juggle between stuffs and that is one of my super powers, lol. Giving up??? NEVER!!!
KMB: Did you always see yourself as a marketer, and do you have plans to grow this aspect of your personal brand?
Hustler Square: I was a Marketer in the Bank for 5 years!!! It's in my Blood and I am already practicing same.

KMB: Do you also see yourself as an “influencer”, and if so, what does that mean to you?

Hustler Square: To influence means the capacity to have an effect on the character or behaviour of someone. I do possess that capacity as I dish out teachings that help upcoming entrepreneurs measure/evaluate themselves and their entrepreneurial skills and make the necessary adjustments to be better at what they do.

KMB: Do you market on behalf of brands? Can you share any brands with whom you love working? Is there anything you look out for, before choosing to take them on? 

Hustler Square: Yes I do. I worked with Vconnect on their newly created Market place where serviced based professionals can meet ready customers. I am also cooking something big for @maybrandsnigeria ( I look out for credibility before I take the leap. I want to be sure that the brands are who or what they claim to be.

KMB: When you began gaining massive amounts of followers on social media, what did you think about it all?

Hustler Square: I knew then and there that I had something to offer and I realized that I had to step up my game so that people actually enjoy their stay in the Hustlers square.

KMB: Who do you most admire in the world?

Hustler Square: Jennifer Lopez! I find her fascinating and amazing... Her singing is superb and her acting skill is top-notch plus I admire her ability to bounce back even after her failed relationships and she’s still balling amidst it all. That woman is STRONG. She is a definition of what I stand for and she inspires me a lot.

KMB: What advice would you give to growing entrepreneurs out there?

Hustler Square: Don't let anyone fool you that entrepreneurship is almost impossible. Yes, it's not easy but once you get it right the gains outweighs any pain you must have gone through.

One of her various lessons 
KMB: General words of wisdom you live by? 

Hustler Square: We Rise by Raising others

KMB: What is your favorite thing to do outside of your life in social media?

Hustler Square: Dance oooh!!! I love to dance and listen to good music like my life depends on it.

KMB: Tell me about a time when you impacted someone’s life with your social media content. What was the result?

Hustler Square: I have lost count actually... It's in thousands now and I am humbled.

KMB: What is your biggest dream in life?

Hustler Square: You see that Forbes list of World Billionaires??? Ama make it!!!

KMB: Do you have any upcoming events or announcements you wish to share?

Hustler Square: Yes please. Our Jagaban Fair. Coming up 18th and 19th of August.

The upcoming Jagaban Fair 
KMB: How can interested entrepreneurs contact you to join the movement?

Hustler Square: Contact us via email:
Follow us on Instagram: @hustlersquare

Check out some pictures from their recent outings....

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