The need to fill the gap in the market for more pocket friendly&bespoke cleaning services inspired my Brand...MD { Bright Prospects International Ltd.}

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, May 14, 2018


I’ve lived with roommates, lived alone, and now live with my husband and two small children. Over that time, one thing has remained constant: I am a good housekeeper but my kids are trying to turn me into a shitty one. Hian! 😠😠😠

We don’t live in filth, but my home is now always just a little messy. I no longer have that “OCD drive- to clean all the things all the time.” If I’m walking barefoot in my house and step on a crumb, I don’t immediately run for the broom. Truth is; I want to live in a clean house that sparkles. I want to have people come over and say, “Your house is so clean! How do you do it?”

But here’s the thing. Even though I want a home that shines, I also have kids. And trying to keep a clean house when you have kids is absolute bullshit. It is nearly impossible to keep a home spic and span when you have small children because they are clean-destroying machines.

I have a schedule for what needs to be clean on what day so that theoretically my house is never dirty. My kids don’t give a damn about my plans and charts and schedules, though. In fact, I think they’re on to me. They know that on Mondays I clean the bathroom, so you know what happens on Tuesday morning? Everybody has to poop several times! Sometimes they even have diarrhea! And then they take a bath. And then get the dirty water all over the mopped floor. They know. They know and they don’t like it.

If you are like me, and you have a large house; there is a solution 😏😏….Get a housecleaning Service who comes in when those little tykes are gone off to school!…they may come in twice a week, and knowing how expensive majority of them can be; KMB is pleased to introduce to you : BRIGHT PROSPECTS INTERNATIONAL...
Made in Nigeria cleaning services specifically tailored to your needs...We had a short interview with the multi talented and vibrant lady behind the brand and below is excerpts from the interview: 
KMB: Hello, Can we meet you? What do you do for a living?

Bright Prospects: My name is Bibi Adekoya (Mrs). I am owner/MD of Bright Prospects international limited which is a cleaning, fumigation and facilities management company.

KMB: Why did you establish your own cleaning company?

Bright Prospects: I saw a gap in the market especially for more pocket friendly, environmentally friendly and bespoke cleaning services.
We have a lot of workforce issues in Nigeria and we at Bright Prospects aim to take away the stress ensuring a personalized service and ensuring our staff is trained to the highest standards. We also use non harsh chemicals for what we do whilst still achieving results.

KMB: As an entrepreneur, what was the original inspiration?

Bright Prospects: I like to put people to work and provide values and I get to do this with Bright Prospects.

KMB: Why do you think Bright Prospects has been so successful? Are there any particular qualities that stand out in your mind?
Bright Prospects: Mainly the things already mentioned above and the fact that; we tailor the service provided to your needs.
Bright prospects staff hard at work
KMB: What’s your approach to the work-life balance equation? How do you make time to relax when you are busy running the company?

Bright Prospects: I have a manager so the workload is currently shared, however, we would love to more busy than we currently are. 😀

KMB: Can you define what deep cleaning a home means?

Bright Prospects: The products used are different and the meticulous attention paid to it is different. It’s not just a general clean, it's cleaning every corner meticulously and it takes time.

KMB: How do you get your Clients?

Bright Prospects: Majority of our clients are gotten through Referrals, social media, advertising as well as through words of mouth.

KMB: As a business person and someone who has led Bright Prospects for some years, do you have any tips for young entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business?

Bright Prospects: Be willing to make the sacrifices, because it takes a while for any business to be successful and remain so.

Do your research and always work hard.

KMB: Can you tell us the next step for Bright Prospects?

Bright Prospects: We want to expand our business to cater for more jobs. We currently have about 12 regular clients and about 20 One off clients. We would like to increase this in multiples.
KMB: Can you kindly drop your contact details for people who may be interested in your services?

Bright Prospects: We can be reached via:
Calls/SMS/Whatsapp: +2348034224041
Instagram: @brightprospectsintlld

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