My brand is dedicated to bringing back flashes of our childhood memories through Kulikuli, a made in Nigeria peanut snack - CEO MY Kulikuli

By Kemi Mobuse - Sunday, May 20, 2018

If you went to boarding school in the 90s, like I did, I bet you will agree with me when I say; made in Nigeria peanut snacks; Kulikuli is every boarder’s must-have snacks. This is especially because; food scarcity is a frequent thing in the hostel, as almost everyone would have eaten all their provisions a month into the term and then, start walking around as if they are in the spirit, looking for something to eat.😕😕😕

This is when Kulikuli and Ijebu garri comes to the rescue. Forget milk and sugar that would have finished by that time too. Lol! For me, Kulikuli has always been a lifesaver. Back then, I cannot use my eyes to see provisions and not eat it ohhh. Infact, I always find one reason or the other to open my cupboard at the slightest excuse. Once I finally finish everything, my eyes will suddenly clear up.😖

The Kulikuli that I had locked away inside an airtight tin then comes to my rescue. Hehe!

The Kulikuli of that time has indeed come a long way, thanks to talented entrepreneurs like Cassandra Emokpae; the CEO of My Kulikuli- a brand dedicated to bringing back our childhood memories through the making and repackaging of an upgraded version of the Kulikuli snacks. You can get to buy her delicious snacks right here on our online shop and also read excerpts from her interview with KMB below:

KMB: Can we meet the lady behind the brand “My kulikuli”?

My Kulikuli: My name is Cassandra Emokpae. I’m a Barrister/Solicitor at the Nigerian Supreme Court and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.
I have 15 years post call experience in International commerce and oil and gas law.  
I was the Company Secretary of Dajo Oil Limited till my resignation in 2018.

KMB: When did you first start to conceive the idea of making Kulikuli?

Made in Nigeria Kulikuli Snack

My Kulikuli: Hmmm....well I didn't really conceive the idea of Kulikuli making; as kulikuli has been around from time immemorial.
I however started making it by chance. When I lost my mum in 2012, I had to take charge of my kid sister who has special needs. She is hearing impaired.
I brought her to Lagos and in the course of school sourcing and speech therapist sessions. I was advised by family friends to teach her a craft.
We started with bead making and wire works. She got bored doing this after a while and I decided to teach her how to make snacks.
We started with cakes, and then somehow, we arrived at chin chin then kulikuli.
I was not initially a kulikuli fan because I didn't like the taste so we decided to improve on the taste, from there, we came up with our own recipe and here we are!

KMB: Do you cater for dessert tables at events or you only make for retail
My Kulikuli: For now we only retail and we are currently working on adding other products like kulikuli oil and kulikuli powder to our products.
KMB: How would you describe your experience of being a female entrepreneur in the Nigerian market?
My Kulikuli: Being an entrepreneur in Nigeria has its challenges and being a female entrepreneur in the Nigerian market in this present economy is like being in a dense jungle without a compass.
My journey has its challenges, but we tackle each problem as best as we can.
From lack of power, fuel scarcity, lack of competent staff, increasing cost of raw materials and so on.
Basically as a Female entrepreneur, I just roar and plod on.
KMB: To you what is the most rewarding part of owning your own business in Nigeria?
My Kulikuli: I would say following my passion and developing myself.
According to the famous maxim: ”The only thing constant in life is change”.
Life is a learning process and while at it. Roll up your sleeves and carry on as best as you can.
KMB: How do you hope to see your brand grow within the next year?

My Kulikuli: Within the next few years, we hope to expand to the international market.

KMB: Are there any new things on the horizon?

My Kulikuli: Definitely. We have plans to produce all our raw materials instead of outsourcing them.
Full time, full scale farming is in our future plans.

KMB: How can our readers stay connected with you as well as the brand?
My Kulikuli: We are on Instagram: @mykulikuli
Facebook: mykulikuli
Call/whatsapp: 08091465800

KMB: Thank you for sharing your story with us.

My Kulikuli: Thank you too.

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