LAUGH GALORE!!!! The Day I Lost The Respect Of The People In My Neighborhood

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

This one is my fault! Na me mess up

1. So one morning, my mum sent me to buy ogi for breakfast. After all the grumbling I sha went so she won't reset my brain with slap.

2. On my way, I met my primary school mate. He had become a fine ass boy!! Chai!!!

My eggs were dancing shaku shaku!! We die here, mehn

3. Good thing that he didnt even form o. The bobo recognized me so we were gisting sweet gist and time flew so fast.
I mean how will I tell him that it's ogi I'm going to buy?

4. The next thing I saw was my mother walking towards us, angrily too. She was just shouting "kneel down there"

ha!! Like on the road? and in front of fine boy?

5. Fam, I innocently obeyed thinking she was joking.. But she was serious O
Hian! Small play o

6. She dismissed my friend and the idiot was laughing sef. She collected the money from me and left. Yes, she left me kneeling down on the road.
Ahh!! Mummy this one no good o.

7. The shame that bathed me that day ehn.. I was just praying that people I know wouldn't see me

Saviorrr, Saviorrrr hear my humble cryyyy!!!

8. But it was like my prayer worked the opposite direction. Everybody started passing oo. Especially those I used form big girl for.
Hayy God!!! Not Tobi!!

9. Instead of them to pass normally, they were stopping to say "what happened na?" "Sorry ehn" "ehyahh"
Dear earth, just open and swallow me!

10. Finally my mother came back and released me.. After all the damage had been done
Medicine after death!!

11. Following from that day, I lost my pride in the neighbourhood as my gist had already spread

de queen had de powa of de blek pentha streeped away

12. And by the way, the boy that caused all the wahala didn't speak to me again
Alakoba boy!! Omokomo!!
(***Article original written by KrakstV)

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