Been looking for made in Nigeria African - Inspired unique statement pieces? Then, check out Koko Williams Designs!

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Growing up, I have always been surrounded by African prints especially Ankara and Adire, i can't really say I developed a taste or liking for either back then. Fast forward to many years later however, when I became more fashion conscious, I fell in love with made in Nigeria Ankara accessories, especially neck pieces and palm slippers. 
My love nearly turned to obsession because I just couldn't do without having one neck piece or the other adorning my neck, irrespective of what outfit I had on.

It was so bad it got to a point that; I had to be indebted to a colleague just because of Fashion.  The lady brought some made in Nigeria Ankara and Adire slippers to work  and wanted me to buy a pair or two. Although, I was broke during that period, I immediately took two of the pairs, hoping to pay once I got my salary.
When I got my salary however, It took all of my strength for me not to return the slippers and just keep my money...after all, I'm from Ijebu, money get motivation pass fashion , biko!😑.

Nowadays, while I still have mad love for Ankara accessories, its safe to say my children have cured me of all obsession I have for them, hehe! 😅😅

But, coming across the amazing pieces made by Koko Williams , I could feel the obsession gradually returning, so I decided I cure it, by asking myself, how soon my baby's food needed to be replaced,lol!

KMB sat down with the talented lady behind the brand for an interview, and excerpts from the interview is here below........

KMB: Hello, please tell us a little bit about yourself before we go into the jewelry.

Koko Williams Designs: My name is Koko Williams. I’m a motivational writer and Entrepreneur. I've worked in the NGO sector for over 8 years. I have a B.Sc. in Microbiology from the University of Uyo. As a person, I'm very diverse in my attributes. As an entrepreneur, I’m bull- headed and will always try to find a way to achieve my goals. Basically, I am what a lot of people will call "A go- getter”, except on days when I overwork myself. Lol!

KMB: How did you become a jewelry designer?

Koko Williams Designs: Jewelry is something that I love to own and admire. I love art, creativity and being and entrepreneur it felt natural to do something with my love for jewelry- so I began making jewelry in the university and selling to my friends. They were really cool to support me. I was basically just stinging beads in weird shapes and forms. It was an exciting experience because it made me realize just how much I loved making them. A few years later was launched.

KMB: Now, when you design a piece does it start with an idea or with the materials?

Koko Williams Designs: I am an intuitive designer meaning I have an idea of what i want to do, but will only interpret that idea as I make the jewelry. So I can be inspired by the material or I may have an idea that influences the materials I want to use.

KMB: Did you go to school to be a jewelry designer or did you just do it on your own?

Koko Williams Designs: I'm self-taught. I depend solely on the creative gifts that I have. I learn by doing.

KMB: What inspires you?

Koko Williams Designs: I'm inspired by the desire to first be creative then to satisfy the need to be productive. My designs are forms of creative outlets, these may be triggered by my personal write-ups (I think on paper) or from seeing photos with unique stories or watching a movie that has an impressive costume line up or even watching fashion shows. Inspiration for me is endless, and it’s difficult to point to only one source.

KMB: What is the process of getting one of your pieces to buy?

Koko Williams Designs: I run my business primarily on social media for obvious reasons. (That’s where the eyeballs are. Lol! That is to say; you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. Most of my pieces are based on pre-orders; others are available on limited stock. So if you contact us with an order placement then follow up with payment, we will have it delivered to you within a maximum of 5days depending on the complexity of the design. We also have others that take 3 days max.

KMB: If you could design a piece for anyone, who would it be and WHY?

Koko Williams Designs: This is a tough question, as I have so many women that I admire, but I'd say Chimamanda Adichie because I Love her and everything she stands for. And she would be a great client as she wears a wide spectrum of African designers and I'd be honored to make that list. Plus she knows how to command attention without trying too hard and that's what Koko Williams Designs is all about.

KMB: What type of ladies do you envision wearing your jewelry?

Koko Williams Designs: KWD caters to women who want something new and fresh. Who are not afraid to stand out and who are looking to create unique looks to complement their style. Our jewelry is bold like the women we carter for and Colour is an essential requirement for the KWD woman.

KMB: What is your creative process like when designing a new piece of jewelry for your growing collection?

Koko Williams Designs: I try to stick to a cohesive plan, be it in terms of the texture or message our jewelry line is looking to convey. For us its more than a business, it is art, it is passion, it is expression and this may require different levels and forms of creativity but the goal remains the same- to design jewelries that will creates a unique look.

KMB: What advice would you have to someone who wants to become a jewelry designer?

Koko Williams Designs: Go for it. The fundamental key to success is Action. Plan, then START. There are no rules, do what comes naturally to you. Don't try to be like anyone else, although they may be used as a source of inspiration but always stay original no matter what.

KMB: Finally, Where can people find you if they want to learn more information about you?

Koko Williams Designs: I'm pro social media, so you will most likely learn more about me and my work online.
Business page on IG: @kokowilliamsshop
Personal IG page:@koksilala_
Facebook: Koko Williams.

More pictures of their amazing collections below:

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