My brand was created with the intention of restoring Made in Nigeria local snacks to its former glory....Abimbola Adeleke-Kazeem {CEO Byzlebites}

By Kemi Mobuse - Sunday, April 08, 2018

If you are familiar with Nigerians and their way of life, then you would have become acquainted with the fact that; every Saturday is an “owambe” day. Where every dick, tom and harry is opportuned to show off their fashion sense of style, dancing skills, hairdo, make up and more. It’s also the day when the couple of the day gets to show off their hosting skills, one of which of recent includes having a dessert table filled with different types of savory sweets, candies, chocolates and more.

This has gradually been upgraded to include palm wine and of recent, thanks to Byzlebites events, locally made in Nigeria snacks which were once very popular in the 90s.

KMB had a one on one chat with the creative director behind the brand to know the inspiration behind such a unique concept and below is the excerpt from the interview…read here…

KMB: Can we meet you?

Byzlebites: My Name is Abimbola Adeleke-Kazeem. I am a wife, daughter, sister, mother, a credit analyst, loan servicing officer and an entrepreneur.

KMB: What’s the history of your company?

Byzlebites: Byzlebites was established in January 2018 as the brainchild of Bymbyzle Events Company.

Byzlebites is a delicious, crunchy and irresistibly different locally made snack and desserts company, which has a wide range of products made for Nigeria and its people.

KMB: What inspired your interest in confectioneries and why these choice of snacks?

Byzlebites: It was borne out of the desire to restore Nigerian snacks back to its former glory.

We envisioned a future where the major finger foods at events would switch from what we know today as Small-Chops to the likes of kokoro (corn stix) coconut candy, coconut crunch, Gurudi biscuits, Gurudi Cookies, Chinchin, Baba dudu sweet , Sisi pelebe Sweet, roasted Candy peanut and African drinks like Pito , Zobo and Kunu.

KMB: How did you start learning about making them?

Byzlebites: My Younger Sister who came to live with me taught me how to make the snacks right there at home. She lived all her life in Abeokuta, where her neighbors happened to be from Coutonou tribe and their primary business was production of Nigerian Snacks, the likes of Kokoro, Coconut, Gurudi and the likes.

KMB: What snacks do you offer, and what are some of your personal favorites?

Byzlebites: Byzlebites snacks ranges from Kokoro (corn stix) coconut candy, coconut crunch, Gurundi biscuits, Gurudi Cookies, Chinchin, Baba dudu sweet , Sisi pelebe Sweet to roasted Candy peanut and they are all home made products.

My Favorite is the Coconut Crunch, Gurundi Biscuit and Roasted Candy Peanuts

KMB: We observed that you also cater for events, do you work with all budgets, or do you specialize only in high-end events?

Byzlebites: We cater for all categories of Events accommodating their budgets while delivering 💯% quality service.

KMB: Could you describe what products and services you provide in addition to these?

Byzlebites: In addition to Byzlebites Snacks ...We Plan Events (Full Event Management) under the umbrella of BYMBYZLEEVENTS, We Coordinate Events, provide Professional Hostesses for Events and also offer Consultation Services

KMB: What is one of your most memorable moment with this business, and what made it special?

Byzlebites: My most Memorable moment was; the day I decided to start ‘Byzlebites’ as a business because, it’s really amazing how much the business has grown, just a few months after inception.

KMB: What can you say stands you out from your competitors?

Byzlebites: Byzlebites products are homemade under the best hygienic conditions.
At byzlebites, cleanliness and hygiene are at the forefront of our manufacturing process.
We also use top of the line packaging to ensure it is tamper-proof and its quality is well preserved.

KMB: What’s your advice for brides who want a confectionery table on a budget in this recession?

Byzlebites: My Advice to Prospective Brides is to try something completely different and unique from what we currently have displayed at all events. Embrace and promote our Culture and get the best value for their money.
Byzlebites snacks are very affordable, delicious and irresistibly different.

KMB: What are your future plans?

Byzlebites: Byzlebites Future Plan is to become the No.1 Naija snacks producing company and Promoter both Home and abroad.

KMB: How will you like to be contacted?

Byzlebites: We can be reached on:
📱 07030336610
Whatsapp: 08023466887
Instagram: @byzlebites

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