LAUGH IT OFF: How Love Put Me In Trouble

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, April 23, 2018

So the Nigerian government posted me to Zamfara and of course, I decided to relocate because

The day I was to submit my application, I bumped into this fresh meat

We will serve this Fatherland for better for worse.

When my family members started asking me when I'm coming home

Yomi and I started dating and one day, we decided to go for a picnic on a field

Love is a beautiful thing

We got there and after a while we see big fat cows

I don't know who sent me but I went to touch cow

After a while, I started hearing 'Kai Kai' and a lot of strong Hausa coming my way

Me. Touch. Cow. Of. Fulani. Herdsmen. Mogbe!

Yomi did not even wait for me to compose before he started running

Men are scum.

I borrowed myself small brain and started doing serious running and shouting and praying.

God please, I will never let a man influence my decisions again.

When the hausa man jumped in front of me

Eh!There's no way God will not punish Yomi

But he stopped me and handed over our phones, turns out, we had forgotten it

Heart attack is not my portion.

I collected my own phone and handed him Yomi's phone as a gift from us.
Because I'm a good person

The next day when Yomi said 'Hey babe, did you get my phone?'
Stupid weakling of a man. After they will say they are Yoruba demons.

But my own ela came when they said relocation has closed

*****Article originally written by Krastv****

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