5 Wahala of Entering Danfo......You won't relate if you're a rich kid

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, April 13, 2018

TGIF.....These below is to make someone out there to crack a Rib!😛😛😛

1. When someone carrying fish decides to gum body with you

2. When people enter and keep asking you to 'dress'

Maybe I should disappear

3. When police pipu stop your driver but he starts doing GTA with your life

4. When the danfo is hot anyhow but the window is bad so you can't open it
They want to kill me

5. And when someone with mouth odour doesn't stop talking to you

Poverty is not for me in this life...


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  1. Danfo experience is a must have. I once boarded a bus loaded with ponmo in the boot, unknown to most of us (passengers). The journey was from Lagos Island to Ketu and everyone was silently enduring a stench from an unknown source, until someone who couldn't take it anymore shouted, "driver what is smelling in your bus like this?" When everybody joined the man and the complaint got heated; the owner of the luggage with the offensive smell owned up and announced that it was ponmo. Some people shouted "Ponmo ke", but the owner was quick to defend her precious ponmo by asking who amongst us doesn't eat ponmo. At the time of the announcement, we were already on the 3rd Mainland bridge; that was how we covered our noses till we reached our destination.