My Eureka moment was when a customer used our turmeric spices to treat his high blood pressure, joints & Chest pain- CEO Obètódùn Spices

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, March 13, 2018

On completion of my secondary school education at the age of 14 years, I barely knew how to cook. I was only able to cook rice, beans and make Eba..And no! I don’t love food, for those wondering…lol!😀 

All that changed when I got to my granny’s place in Ibadan, there my male cousin taught me how to make Moi-moi 🙈 and I learnt, how to make those extremely soft “amala” that goes with Gbegiri soup on my visit to one mama put joint…I practically memorized my way to cooking…before I could say Jack, I made my first pot of soup and paraded it around the house. Grandma praised me to the heavens as if I won a Jackpot and I reveled in the praises like a proud peacock 💪😛😛(she later told me, after I went pro, that, she was “yimu”ing at me..that at my age! ) but who cares….me sha don learn how to cook….😏😜

As time went on, I discovered food condiments, I realized they save me a lot of stress and make my food very delicious with little efforts.  For instance, I close from work by 5.30, and despite getting home by 6.20, I can easily whip up a plate of jollof ready to be eaten By 7.30 pm….thanks to spices  after all…..”Obetodun, owo lo pa”...(a delicious pot of soup is money well spent)😜

Obètódùn is one of the special brands that one will forever be grateful to have come across, as they are a lifesaver to many wives and homes especially when it comes to food,  and having a sit-down with the Creative beauty & brain behind the brand is an enlightening experience, please read excerpts below….
Kemi mobuse Blog: Could you tell us a bit about yourself, where you grew up, your childhood experiences, whether you were into cooking even then?

Obètódùn: Hmmnn....  I am number 9 of 11 children and the 5th of my mum's five children. I grew up in Abeokuta,  Ogun state. I attended Abeokuta Grammar School and Iganmode Grammar school Sango-Otta.

As a child, I was barely in the kitchen because we had lots of cousins, distant family, friends and strangers living with us (thanks to my dad. So, there were more than enough people to do the chores and food.

But, I remember when my mum taught me how to make stew, I was about 10years old then. Growing up, I was a picky eater.

After my NYSC service, I lived with my cousin and his wife who taught me much more. We cooked together and the most important things I learnt about cooking from her was ,how to make it easy to do.
Kemi mobuse Blog: How would you describe what you do?

Obètódùn: I process and produce healthy natural spices for cooking.

Kemi mobuse Blog: What was the inspiration behind Obètódùn spices?

Obètódùn: It was inspired by my love for gardening. I harvested lots of turmeric rhizomes from my garden in December, 2016 and turned them into powder, then, i realized lots of people needed the 100% natural spice.
So I researched about more spices and their drying processes. Then God gave me more ideas on how to combine these spices for food condiments.

Kemi mobuse Blog: How did you get started financial wise?

Obètódùn: I worked at Landmark University for four and half years before I resigned to find myself. So a lot of my savings went into the initial capital.

Kemi mobuse Blog: Have you always had a healthy relationship with food?

Obètódùn: No, I ate mostly processed foods or pastries growing up. Food to me was eating something tasty to my buds. I was a picky eater, Still am. I hated swallow and loved and still love plantain.

I didn't understand the nutritional value in food and why i needed to eat healthy until about 2 years ago.

Kemi mobuse Blog: Do you have any tips for building healthier cooking habits?

Obètódùn: Be informed about nutrient packed herbs and spices you can get.

Try to incorporate them in your everyday meal especially companion spices

Onion is a natural food sweetener.

If you love fashion, see cooking as an art of combining textures/fabrics/colours. Just find something interesting to you to relate cooking with.

To me, cooking is like Gardening, the same way I need some (measured) minerals, water,  soil, etc. in my soil to help my vegetables grow is the say I need some spices, herbs, veggies  oil etc. to make my food tasty and healthy especially for my children's good growth.

The desired end result should be in mind before starting, then you'll know when it’s no longer looking like it

Don't plan to cook to fill the stomach, plan to cook to get vitamins and nutrients through your food.

Compliment (unavoidable) calories filled foods with healthy spices, herbs and veggies.

Kemi mobuse Blog: For women who don't necessarily love to cook, I assume your spices provide ways to make it easier or more fun. What flavours do you currently have and what are their uses?

ObètódùnFor now, *Obètódùn spices* Available are:

🍂Turmeric powder
🌿Ginger powder
🥗Black Pepper
🍲Fried rice spice
🥘Jollof rice spice
🌶Pepper soup spice
🍗Fried chicken coat mix 
🥙Ogbono Mix
🥘Ewa agoyin sauce 
🔥 Cameroon pepper

Obètódùn: Turmeric powder is a super spice with several uses from skin brightener, fat burning to cancer treatment

Ginger powder is a super spice that is tasty; aromatic, healthy and nutrient packed. It reduces morning sickness, Treats flu and cough, Fights cancer, Reduces gas and so on.

Black pepper is flavour packed. It helps with the absorption of nutrients from other foods. It is recommended to use black pepper with turmeric for maximum result

Garlic powder is a natural antibiotic, very rich in aroma and flavour,
If you are disgusted by raw garlic, you might be able to tolerate the 100%natural garlic powder. It smells way better and easily applicable in food.

Cameroon pepper is a super hot 🔥 extra spicy specie of Habanero pepper (rodo). Very rich in aroma.
In my university days, this was a compulsory spice to make noodles with, Lol!

Pepper soup spice is a 100% natural blend of rich herbs and spices. All you need to complete this delicacy is your fish/meat, oil, water, salt, and seasoning cubes. The taste surprises our customers every time.

Ogbono mix is a 100% natural blend of Ogbono seeds and hot pepper. It's super dry, so you only need a little to make a pot full of yummy ogbono soup.

Ewa goyin sauce: our sauce is so easy to use. It’s a 100% natural dry blend of herbs, spices and pepper.  All you need to add is onion, water, seasoning and palm oil to make this sought after delicacy.

Fried chicken coat mix: when we go to eateries especially KFC, it seems impossible to make those crunchy yummy yet succulent juicy chicken in our own kitchen. 
Well,  look no further,  this mix will blow your mind. You will experience and enjoy chicken like never before.

Fried rice spice: Over the years, i have bought all manners of branded fried rice spices,  just to get that perfect  colour,  taste and aroma,. But all to no avail.
But Obètódùn fried rice spice is a game changer, it gives your rice,  pasta,  noodles that perfect color, aroma and taste. It is filled with healthy spices and herbs and It's so easy to use. No sweat

Jollof rice spice: this spice will up your Jollof rice game. It is spice packed and gives your food a delicious and unique aroma and taste that no-one can resist.

Kemi mobuse Blog: To women who may struggle to eat healthy, what's your advice?

Obètódùn: Two years ago, I was involved in a road accident and had a fracture in my arm.
This brought to me, the realization of the importance of some particular nutrients, minerals and vitamins which would easily be gotten from food instead of supplements (drugs).
My advice is that; we should be conscious of the fact that we eat not only to fill our belly, but to feed our body.
And eating healthy is now so easy, just eat the simple foods, they are nutrient packed.
Also, growing our own food is a great way to ensure we are eating healthy foods.

Kemi mobuse Blog: What can you say has been a defining moment for you with your brand?

Obètódùn: The defining moment for me was when a customer used my turmeric powder to treat high blood pressure, joint pain and chest pain then returned with amazing testimonies within a month to buy more for himself and his friend. My heart was filled with so much joy, pride and I felt so fulfilled.
Then I knew THIS IS IT! This is WHAT I am Meant to do! This is my Calling!

Kemi mobuse Blog: Who and what inspires you and is there a certain place you go for “creative recharging”?

Obètódùn: Who?  My dad: Engr. T. O. Akintomide.  He is a hardworking entrepreneur, an electrical engineer who knows and loves herbs and he is always eager to learn about new spices and herbs from me. He inspires me to be hardworking, resilient and determined.

My sister in-law: Mrs. Foluke Akintomide; The Founder and and Formulator of _Vellora Beauty Range_. She produces natural skincare products and knows her herbs. I got to know about a lot of herbs and their uses from her. To top it all, she is super creative and passionate. She inspires me to be creative and to broaden my mind.

This article on  Spices – How African Entrepreneurs Can Build A Business From This Old But Lucrative product :

For creative recharging, 
I go online, i just goggle spices and herbs, read about them, their uses, and how they are grown, processed and packaged.

I also visit e-commerce site like amazon, eBay and aliexpress for ideas.

And whenever, we visit malls, i particularly enjoy the spice section to see new spices, blends and packaging ideas.
My family and friends have all been assigned to take pictures of spice section of all the malls they visit. 😁😁

Kemi mobuse Blog: What plans do you have for the future with Obètódùn spices?

Obètódùn: At Obètódùn we plan to attain a perfect, flawless, and quality standard, maintain it and set the standard for upcoming brands.

We will be increasing our product range as God inspires us.

We look forward to a time where every house hold will hear about, understand and know the benefits of natural resources such as herbs and spices.
When all Nigerian homes have access to Obètódùn spices,  then we will proceed with exporting them to other countries.

Kemi mobuse Blog: What is the biggest lesson you've learned and would pass along to others just getting started in your field?

Obètódùn Never think small of the works of your hands,  as long as you are connected to your to your spiritual roots, the fruits you will bear will amaze you.

Never leave quality assurance to others because your quality is your brand

Be persistent and consistent.

Kemi mobuse Blog: LASTLY, how can you be contacted?

Obètódùn: I can be contacted via
Phone: +2348054197199
Whatsapp: +2348054197199

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