Meet Nigerian second class upper female graduate who operates Keke Napep for a living

By Kemi Mobuse - Thursday, March 08, 2018

Christiana Augustine, a female Nigerian graduate, has joined the list of people who inspire others with her ways of life after she took up the business of driving a Keke Napep to make ends meet and stay alive amidst the turbulence suffered in this economy. 

Augustine shared insights on her job as a tricycle driver saying it is not a job made for men alone as women can ride to make a living too. The married woman shared tips on the job and talked about her life. 
Interestingly, the young woman graduated from Federal University of Science and Technology in Owerri where she studied project management and graduated with a second class upper degree. 

The desire to stand alone and build her own brand made her start off as a tricycle rider. The married Nigerian graduate revealed her husband was initially against her starting that kind of business; however, she made him see reason why it would thrive and how she could do a lot with it. 

The mother of three is encouraging the other women out there to try out this business as they could earn as much as they want from it and use the proceedings to help their family grow. 

"My husband initially objected my involvement in the venture but I persisted to be given a chance to engage in the venture and he was later convinced. “We are presently happy with the decision because I compliment his earnings and generally support in the family upkeep with proceeds from the keke business,” she said. 

The hardworking woman said she is sure other women would soon venture into the business and do great things with it. She said it is no longer ideal for women to rely on men for the basic requirements just as it is now difficult to get a white collar job despite being a graduate. “The tricycle was actually a birthday gift from my husband and I offered it to a young graduate for commercial purposes but he later returned it to me. “I leased it to another person and when he became insincere with returns, I decided to use it myself for the Keke business,” she said 

According to Augustine, running the business has not affected her home management skills as she knows her responsibilities towards her family. She stated that she does not drive the tricycle at odd hours irrespective of the number of passengers on the road. 

It does seem the action of the mother of three is starting to make an impact in the lives of those around as one of her regular passengers is ready to start the business if she does not get employed after completing her service. 

A Keke Napep operator gave his own testimony about the zeal of the woman saying she is already a part of them. He said the other operators ensure she is not intimidated or ill-treated by the unscrupulous males in the business. 

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