By Kemi Mobuse - Thursday, March 08, 2018

Who is fragile like a bud yet strong like an iron rod?
Who is beauty and yet destroys all beasts?
Who weakness is her strength?
And strength, her weakness?

Her eyes can speak volume and her words can silence a room.

She is the caregiver and the punisher.
She is stronger than your strongest breath.
She is a believer and a rouge.
She is the saint and the sinner.

She never gives up hope.
She is the praying mother, the hopeful wife and the beautiful lady.

πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹She is a woman.
She is YOU!

Happy International Women's day to every beautiful woman out there, we are the real MVP!!!

As we  celebrate International Women’s Day, My Prayer for every female is here:

1. May God cause every female to fulfil her Purpose in Destiny. We won’t die small in Jesus name πŸ™

2. No seed given to us will die in our hands in Jesus name πŸ™

3. I decree that we shall forever be on FIRE for Jesus. Our Prayer life won’t go down in Jesus name πŸ™

4. Our Eyes shall be open to matters of the spirit. We will discern and know what is the perfect will of God in Jesus name πŸ™

4. We shall build our family. We shall not tear down in Jesus name.πŸ™ 

5. Through us, great purposes, businesses, conglomerates shall be birthed in Jesus name πŸ™

6. I command every form of sickness troubling our health to give way in Jesus name πŸ™

7. I decree our children shall blossom and they shall fulfil Destiny in Jesus name πŸ™

8. Our children will not repeat classes in Destiny in Jesus name πŸ™

9. Any of our female children who has reached the age of marriage and not married, this year won’t pass them by in Jesus name.πŸ™ 

10. Any female looking for the fruit of the womb, God will answer them speedily in Jesus name.πŸ™ 

11. We shall receive Career progression in multiple dimensions in Jesus name πŸ™

12. God will open our eyes to every ‘Snake’ around us masquerading as a friend in Jesus name πŸ™

13. Our husbands won’t die in Jesus name πŸ™

14. Every male connected to us will make massive progress in Destiny in Jesus name πŸ™

15. We shall be full of Wisdom and Divine Direction in life in Jesus name πŸ™

16. I decree that we  will walk and live with the Spirit of Contentment in Jesus name πŸ™

17.  An ever forgiving handmaiden of the Lord shall be our name in Jesus nameπŸ™

18. Let the Grace to be that PROVERBS 31 Woman be fulfilled in our life in Jesus name πŸ™

19. May we grow in Grace and knowledge of God. I rebuke every form of spiritual stagnation from our life in Jesus name.

20. I pray in that area we have been expecting from God, OUR PARTY MUST HOLD in Jesus name πŸ™

Keep Serving God....Nothing more amazing than a woman who serves the Lord!

God bless all.

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