I was inspired to start Cakes by Violet after getting exorbitantly high cake quotes for my son's 1st birthday - Creative Director [CAKES BY VIOLET]

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, January 15, 2018


My favourite food is cake…….. the kind of cake doesn’t matter as long as it’s all cake. 😀😀😀To me; Cake is happiness; I am of the belief that, if you know the way of a cake, then you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy.

This right here is why I always wished all my problems were just a piece of cake. Eat it entirely and then it's all gone, Yimu!!! 😝Times without number, I always wanted to have my cake and eat it. But then again, what was i going to do with my cake if not eat it?
Frame it?
Use it as a liner in my underwear drawer?”

From what I have heard and seen so far;  If you are lucky enough to have a Cake made  for you by Celebrity Cake Designer: Tosin Savage Julien, you will do more than eat the cake: you will actually eat the wrapper too and even beg for more lol!

Hers is not one of the usual, I have always wanted to be a baker story, she practically discovered baking “accidentally” and by choice….Read the excerpts of her interview with KMB below and drop a comment while at it!

KMB: Can you kindly introduce yourself?

Cakes by Violet: My name is Tosin Savage Julien
KMB: What inspired you to start cakes by violet?

Cakes by Violet: I was inspired to start Cakes by Violet after getting exorbitantly high cake quotes for my son's 1st birthday (7 years ago). I was 23 and fresh out of college and didn’t have the funds to hire all the professionals it takes to pull off such an event! I took some cake decorating classes at my local craft supply store and made the cake myself! I started making cakes for my friends and taking pictures just to document my creations. After this I realized that, this was my calling. I made it a note to have my name synonymous with "Cake" and thus became lovingly known as the "cake lady”.

KMB: What was the greatest challenge you faced while starting your bakery?

Cakes by Violet: The greatest challenge I faced while starting my business was space. At first, I was baking out of my parent’s kitchen and I soon began to outgrow the space. My fiancé and I later moved to our own apartment, and dedicated the dining room to my "baking studio". Today my husband and I are proud homeowners and have a fully functioning Cake Design Studio🙏🏿

KMB: What does being a business owner on Instagram mean to you?

Cakes by Violet: 80% of my customers have viewed my Instagram page. In the 4th quarter of 2017 I set a goal to reach 10 thousand followers on Instagram. With strategic collaborations with both national and international support, I was able to reach this goal! Instagram provides an insight to the daily happenings of Cakes by Violet. A snapshot of our work is available in chronological order via Instagram. As our largest followed platform, we are thankful to our Instagram followers for boosting us up for the world to see!

KMB: What is the most rewarding part of owning your own business?

Cakes by Violet: The most rewarding part of owning my own business is the time it allows me to raise my children with a hands on approach. Because I set my own schedule, I am able to drop off/pick up my 2 kids from school, I am also able to show them the value of both money and time. I teach my oldest son how to budget time wisely in order to get the job done and also the value of money and responsibility.

KMB: What was your favorite job so far?

Cakes by Violet: My favorite job so far has been creating a cake for reggae superstar Wayne Wonder’s 40th birthday. This was early in my career and I was awestruck at the fact that an artist whose music I loved, was standing next to me with a creation I made for him!

KMB: What is a typical day like for you?

Cakes by Violet: A typical day for me is very structured. I wake up get the children ready. Do my household chores and get to work on Cakes by Violet. That can involve shopping for inventory, baking, prep and decoration, delivery, cleanup. I break up my work into several days, so I don't become overwhelmed. It's also one of my New Year's resolutions to improve on my work life balance. It is very easy to work from Sun up to sundown when you are an entrepreneur,  but just as if one was working in cooperate, it is best to give yourself a work schedule and TURN OFF when it's time to spend time with your family.

KMB: How do you hope to see your bakery grow within the next year?

Cakes by Violet: In the next year I hope to employ more employees at Cakes by Violet. I plan on preparing tutorials for YouTube so that others can learn from my skills. I would also love to become a mentor.

KMB: We’ve all had a baking fail, or in my case, several. Can you describe your worst baking disaster?

Cakes by Violet: I'll never forget this story. I was commissioned for a wedding cake. Everything was set from the night before, the only problem was that, I was still working at the time and I could not deliver the cake myself as I have to be at work. I asked my husband to deliver the cake, secured it in the car and gave him instructions for delivery. Upon arriving at the venue, the cake was leaning and unpresentable for a wedding! He raced back to me at work, thank God I was working in a craft store, I was able to create a Styrofoam dummy cake replica. I quit my job that day and raced to deliver the wedding cake. Thank God for an understanding Bride and God because every bakers worst nightmare, is to ruin someone's wedding
 Let's just say that was the last time I transported a multi-tier cake stacked, and I am currently the ONLY Cakes by Violet delivery person. 🤣

KMB: What are a few unique cupcake recipes you’ve baked?

Cakes by Violet: My customers looove red velvet and I soon grew tired of making the same cake EVERY weekend. I created a marble cake featuring red velvet and vanilla and named it Red Velvet Vanilla Swirl. This was done just to get a break from the mundane, but it took off! My customers love this combination and today it is one of our top selling flavors.

KMB: Do you offer anything other than cakes?

Cakes by Violet: Besides cakes, we offer dessert table services, backdrop and step and repeat design
KMB: Are there any new things on the horizon?

Cakes by Violet: Cakes by Violet is the first website where you can order and customize your cake online! We will continue improving the ease of ordering, while providing the utmost in customer service. There are more digital media we are working on, being that we spend a lot of time on our phone, surfing and playing games, Cakes by Violet plans on becoming a household name by honing in on that fact. Also with our international support, especially in Lagos Nigeria, we have plans of branching out to provide services for our Nigerian cake lovers!

KMB: How can our readers stay connected with you as well as the bakery?

Cakes by Violet: website is www.cakesbyviolet.com
Instagram @cakes_by_violet

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  1. Proud to know this really talented young lady who is a creative entrepreneur, loving mother, dedicated wife and role model for all young people!