I believe I am a world changer and someone blessed to be a blessing, jewelry is just my medium - Doubara, Designer &CEO ZIVANORA

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, December 01, 2017

Growing up, I have always been surrounded by Jewelries, infact, my mum God Bless her soul, see it as an unforgivable crime for her children to go out without Jewelries, in her mind, she was like..."God forbid, they think she is poor" and to show how rich she is, Mama end up dressing us girls in colourful beads, bangles and earrings all at once, she would round off the look by dressing us in high heeled shoes thick enough to break cement πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. One would think the boys would be left out, for where? they had to have their hairs parted and creamed till its shining like that of a peacock....in short, mama no dey carry last, kapish!

Since then, I have found it extremely difficult to step out without jewelries on, and should I forget to wear one, I'll feel totally naked throughout the whole day....

Giving confidence to the wearer is what Designer Doubara is aiming to achieve with her brand, allowing them to express their personality through her jewelries is her mission and making a difference with her brand is her motto.....in her session with KMB, she talked about her passion for jewelries, her dreams for Zivanora and more.....please read below...
KMB: Define Zivanora.
ZIVANORA: Zivanora is a fashion and fine jewelry brand based in Lagos Nigeria. It’s the place where women & men around the world come to enjoy expressing themselves and own their personal style through their jewelry irrespective of the location or occasion.
To me jewelry is an agent of personality. It is a very easy and fun way to show who you are and tell your story without even saying a word.
Aside the aspect of personal image & expression, I really desire to see Zivanora change lives around the world through jewelry. First & foremost, I believe I am a world changer and someone blessed to be a blessing, jewelry is just my medium. So through my brand, I want to encourage people to live their best, showcase their inner beauty & power and also live confidently and brave.
KMB: How did you become a jewellery designer?
ZIVANORA: My journey into jewelry started way back in college while I was studying computer science. At that time, it started out as a hobby and something that really captivated my mind. As time went on, I found myself gifting the pieces I made and later on selling my pieces as well as reselling other pieces I bought. By graduation, this hobby evolved into something much bigger and deeper. I found myself reading about it, watching Youtube videos about different techniques, attempting these techniques and trying to come up with my own designs. Before long, I started buying metalsmithing tools and moving past just strung beaded work. Eventually, I went to school to study jewelry design and technology and the rest as they say, is historyJ.
KMB: Do you have any advice for those hoping to break into the industry?
ZIVANORA: There are many parts to the jewelry industry and so my advice would be; find out what part of the industry attracts you, research it and see how you can provide value in that sector or what problem you can solve. The jewelry industry is not the place for quick money so you have to actually love gems/jewelry to stay the long haul.
The popular sectors here in Nigeria are beading and thankfully the goldsmith / metalsmith part is becoming popular but there is a whole value chain that exists and we need more people represented across the value chain here in Nigeria.
KMB: What jewellery trends do you predict for the coming months?
ZIVANORA: Personally I don’t think the jewelry industry here in Nigeria has gotten on the train of global trends but internationally, there are a number of trends to look out for in 2018 such as multicolored gemstone jewelry, big button earrings (studs), chokers, more personalized jewelry, multi-charm pendant necklaces, brooches and inlay or enamel jewelry.
KMB: Are you working on any special projects or designs at the moment?
ZIVANORA: Yes and I’m super excited about it! So stay tuned (especially on our Instagram page)!
KMB: What’s your favourite piece from your archive?
ZIVANORA: Hmm, how do I pick a favorite? At the moment, I’m all about the Essence Bar Cuff. I wear it practically everywhere. When I’m running errands to places like Ebeano, the bank, the dry cleaners, etc. Or to places like church, outings with friends, meetups, etc. It has become a part of my daily routine because it instantly dresses up causal looks and gives a classy finishing touch to more dressy outfits. I love how it goes with any look and instantly makes me look more put together even in flip flops!
KMB: Where do you seek design inspiration?
ZIVANORA: Inspiration for me comes from a myriad of places. My core sources are modern & contemporary architecture & dΓ©cor. I love anything with clean lines, less noise and a minimalist feel. I’m also inspired by the world around me. The simplest object can inspire a new collection, just like our latest collection launching in a few days. I like to feed my creative mind on art, design and structural work.
But most importantly, one thing that inspires me is the day-to-day lives of the Zivanora women & the men that love and support them. I think about what makes her happy, how she can get ahead in life and how the pieces I create for her can help her complete her look, help boost her confidence and showcase her gracious personality and unique style. So that when she walks into a room, people know someone who knows what she wants from life and takes it with no shame or apology just walked in.”

KMB: What was last piece of jewellery you bought?
ZIVANORA: It has been a while I bought jewelry for myself since I can just make one (lol) but the last piece I remember buying is a Monica Vinader piece. I think it was a ring.
KMB: Do you have a favorite design shop in Lagos or beyond?
ZIVANORA: At the moment our pieces are only available online via our website www.zivanora.com
KMB: Are there any brands you particularly admire?
ZIVANORA: The top brands I admire are Van Cleef & Arpels and Apple. I love Van Cleef for their level of craftsmanship and the level of detail and sweat they put into every single piece of theirs. It could take as long as 3-7 years to complete a piece and that level of commitment and passion for what they do inspires me a lot. I draw a lot of inspiration and lessons from them and they are one of the jewelry brands that inspire me to never stop looking for ways to be better.
I also love Apple because of their design sense and how they show the world that design doesn’t have to be busy or convoluted to be accepted or loved. They teach me that less is more and because it looks simple doesn’t mean it was easy. Most times, the simplest things are the most difficult to execute.
KMB: Describe a day in the life of a jewellery designer
ZIVANORA: Because of the nature of our work, every jewelry designer’s life is a bit different. My day is mostly spent in the studio and what I do differs from time to time. Sometimes, a lot of my time is spent fabricating pieces, other days it’s spent doing more business related activities.
KMB: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
ZIVANORA: Website: www.zivanora.com
   @zivanora (Instagram, Twitter, And Pinterest)
    Facebook: zivanorajewelry

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