The desire to fill a gap in the international market for a distinct and unique high-quality Afro themed fashion accessories inspired the brand- Helade & Sola

By Kemi Mobuse - Sunday, December 10, 2017

My love for bags could be described as cultivated through Mischief πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. While growing up, our Mum love taking us on a visit to one of her brother's house. His love for fish and sugar coated groundnut  is totally unrivaled, we ended up calling him, "Daddy Eleja" (Daddy who has fish or so...Lol). Every time, we got there, he delighted in serving us fried Fish as well as groundnut and when its time to leave, he always encouraged us to pack as much fish and groundnut as we can.

My brothers had no qualms filling up their pockets and since,we girls had no pockets, we resorted to using our clothes to pack ours. The boys would tease us, about our undies showing which would make us spill the contents of the clothes on the ground, in order to protect our modesty.

I decided there and then to play a fast one on them...On our next visit to Daddy Eleja, I was prepared. I whipped out one of Mum's handbag that I had concealed under my clothes and packed enough fish and groundnut to fill up the bag...Poor Mummy was astounded at my gluttony and beat me mercilessly when we got back home, but hey, who cares..I had enough feast fit for a King and I ate it all alone...Hehe😏.

That mentality, that I can always do more with a bag , stayed with me, and I hardly ever stepped out without one. Along the way, I developed a taste for unique bags and I was captivated when I came across those made by Helade & Sola. To say, I went into stalking mode was an understatement. Read the story and inspiration behind the brand below....

KMB: Who is Helade & Sola?

Helade & Sola : Helade & Sola is a homage to two extraordinary women – Helen Adejoke and Adesola – whose fashion intellect was unerring and way ahead of their time.

KMB: What is the story behind the brand?

Helade & Sola : The idea of Helade & Sola coalesced and came to life over a period of 3 months in 2016. The desire to honor Helen Adejoke and Adesola met with the desire to fill a gap in the international market for a distinct and unique high-quality Afro themed fashion accessories and high fashion.

KMB: Why bags specifically?

Helade & Sola : At Helade & Sola, every handcrafted design is a piece of Art. A bag is just not a bag to us. Here fashion meets art wrapped in utility. Helade & Sola is a constantly evolving revolution of ideas aimed at distinguishing its creations and designs in a way that brings visual and aesthetic pleasure to present and future clients. In this sense, our goal is for everyone to own a piece of Helade & Sola work of art.

KMB: Where do you get your inspiration?

Helade & Sola : From everywhere and everything. Life is art. Distilling that art into creating that unique piece is the exciting challenge

KMB: Who is your typical customer?

Helade & Sola : Anyone and everyone looking to own something unique and exclusive.

KMB: How long has your brand been established for?

Helade & Sola : Approximately 14 months

KMB: Was it difficult to get support when you started the brand?

Helade & Sola : Helade & Sola was started with self-financing and the immense support of family.

KMB: How do you come up with your various designs?

Helade & Sola : My imagination is a most fertile ground. The universe is an endless source of inspiration.
KMB: Where do you get your materials?

Helade & Sola : Materials are sourced locally – 80% from Mushin, Lagos. The rest is sourced from various dealers all over Nigeria from Osun state to Benue, Kogi, Aba and beyond.

KMB: Is there a particular material that is a “must have” on all your products?
Helade & Sola : Not particularly. Every design is unique in and of itself. Sometimes the material inspires the design or vice versa. The final evolution of that design is never set in stone until the final stitch is done.

KMB: Do you get a lot of special requests from clients or do most of the orders come from your online shop?

Helade & Sola : Special requests are rarely taken as each design is crafted as one of a kind. The basics of a design may be repeated but the crafts, colors and embellishments will always vary and be different. Sometimes though, meeting a client can inspire a special design and if the customer is interested after explaining the design concept, production commences.

KMB: If you could describe your creative process using three words, which words would you choose?

Helade & Sola :  SEE - REACT - DESIGN

KMB: Lastly, how can you be contacted?

Helade & Sola :  πŸ“§

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