See Ebuka's Agbada that made set the internet on Fire!!! And Its super Lovely!!!!

By Kemi Mobuse - Thursday, November 23, 2017

Tv Personality, Ebuka Obi-Unchedu has to be one of the best dressed at Banky W and Adesua's traditional wedding as he stepped out in a Ugo Monye designed outfit on Saturday. His Agbada was one of a kind and regal to boot, Ebuka practically stole the show from the Couple, even Banky W the groom was also confused for a minute at to who was actually getting married.

According to BankyW who says he's also ready for Ebuka at the white wedding; "I was genuinely momentarily confused as to which of us was the groom... Lol.. I was about to switch into groomsmen mode and offer my guy a drink or small chops.."Lol! 


On the flip side however, God really honoured the designer; Ugo Monye, according to sources, his followers on Instagram blew from 4k to 15k in 24 hours....just goes to show what patience and perseverance can do.

The funny thing,this isn't the first time he is making this design....but his set time is NOW!. MORAL : Do not give up on your dreams,you never know how close you are to your breakthrough. @Regrann from @miz_kachy_studentpreneur - This challenged me this morning while people are making jokes, some Nigerian business coaches are striking some chords.... 🙏🙏🙏🙏.... 🙏🙏🙏🙏 This is the reason business coaches have said "entrepreneurship is not easy but don't quit" Just that one client (influencer) can turn things around. I tap into this kind of turn around and off course I will put in the work.... God help me. My prayer is that may we not miss our destiny helpers, may our pride not let us lose, may we also have clients that will be patient with us in our days of little beginning by believing and doing referrals for us, may our family and friends not disrespect our vision ...May God see us through #baad2017 #buynaija #naijabrandchick #naijabrand - #regrann
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Below, is what the internet has to say.....

See how social media is drolling over his look below...

Man, this @Ebuka and his agbada are on some high tension thing and producing more electricity than the entire national grid.


Everyone saving that Ebuka's agbada to show their tailor. Can't wait for the what I wanted VS what I got tweets in a couple weeks.

Ebuka ooo!!!
CEO- Agbada Technologies
MD/CEO- Agbada Enterprises
CAPTAIN -Agbada Platoon
Daddy GO -Agbada Ministries
Commander in Chief -Agbada Republic
CHAIRMAN - Agbada Local Government
Principal Partner -Agbada consultants Limited
Youth Leader - Agbada

 making wedding hungry me...abeg all my Yoruba friends do goan marry I gas rock dah Ebuka agbada before e go outta style...let's make urs early 2018.iz beg I beg o

The simplicity in @Ebuka 's stylish Agbada God! Easy wear and you want to say it's complicated😕😕

OH my God and Ebuka is not even yoruba, how can one man break the internet with one AGBADA 

Ebuka and Masterkraft, teaching us style and dressing, first come first serve, Tailor and fashion designer 

Everyone applauding Ebuka.. he definately wore that agbada like a god. But, some spotlight for the tailor please.
Genius mind and hands.

If you show a tailor Ebuka’s outfit to recreate, be rest assured you are getting a bath robe

Governor Rochas Okoracha tenure won't be see as a successful Tenure if he didn't erect and unveil Ebuka's Agbada in Imo State before the End of this Year....... Buy Nigeria to Grow Nigeria.   

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