Meet the talented lady who makes Unique Gifts out of Cotton Towels...the CEO of Cotton Coated Factory

By Kemi Mobuse - Sunday, November 12, 2017

The first time I saw a gift hamper, I was around 6 years of age..I have actually been seeing them during Christmas seasons but I never thought anything of them. Until, Our Dad brought home one with sugar coated Groundnut, chocolates and everything Yummy! Trust me, not only did I eat that groundnut and chocolate, I made sure I was not far from the basket till all the edibles finished...After that, I lost interest and moved on to other least until the next gift hamper arrives.😌😌😌

Gift hampers brings with it a kind of excitement that goes beyond description most times and everyone loves to receive one....this kind of excitement is what the CEO of Cotton Coated factory banks on when she creates all her hampers with so much love and the results are always uniquely gorgeous and thrilling.

But, did you know unlike wicker baskets, she uses cotton towels for her creations...yes you heard me right....Towels....and the WHY is what made KMB have a chitchat with below.....

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Can we meet you? can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started your brand and how you got to where you are today.

Cotton Coated Factory: I'm Oare Lawuyi by name. I'm actually a Beauty Therapist by profession. I love to work with my hands. I'm also a Nail Tech and I love creating stuff. But, due to the recession and other circumstances, I had to shut down my business for a while. I have 2 boys and I thought it would be great to focus on them during the free time. But, I was miserable whenever they were at school. It wasn't easy. I thought of other things to do because I needed financial security but, more importantly, to be busy.
So, I put it into prayers……like say over a year later, my prayers of God showing me what I needed to do became Crystal clear. To be precise, that was on the night of my birthday. I had a dream I created a cake using towels. On waking up, I told my hubby I had a dream about what my business would be but, I wouldn’t give him details till I had actualized  what I saw in my dream. I went to the market, bought all I saw in the dream and got to work. And that was it!!! I didn't even have to talk too much when I showed my husband. He bought into it immediately. And that's how it all started. I don't even think I have started sef. Hahaha! God is really awesome.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Why Cotton?

Cotton Coated Factory: Why it's cotton? I believe people can NEVER have enough cotton. Especially towels. We all need them. I can't bake. I'm sure God knows that. But I love cakes. And ideas just come in every time. So why not? I stand to be unique. It's a blessing

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What was your primary motivation for going into gifts/hamper business and what do you love about it?

Cotton Coated Factory: I'm an obedient child! God said it And I obeyed. But, I love the fact that I'm being creative and wowing people who patronize me or see my work so far. And I also love the fact that I REALLY enjoy what I am doing.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What challenges have you had to deal with and what can you say it taught you?

Cotton Coated Factory: Well, I'm still relatively a baby fish in an ocean of big sharks. But I'm positive that lessons along the way will be well noted.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What term is best used to describe exactly what you do?

Cotton Coated Factory: The term I would use is Unique gift creation.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: And what can you say sets your brand apart from others in the business

Cotton Coated Factory: We are different in a number of ways. We don't just sell towels as gifts. We create gifts out of towels and other clothing… We include hidden gifts majority of the time which makes it more fun and unique.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: A typical hamper of yours is bound to contain......?

Cotton Coated Factory: I would say it would contain items made in Nigeria. I'm a sucker for made in Nigeria products. So ranging from fragrances to household items to teas and body products etc

Kemi Mobuse Blog: who is your target market?

Cotton Coated Factory: I would say EVERYONE. I have budgets to fit everyone. Unless people don't use towels anymore. 😁

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Yours is an idea that is totally unique in Nigeria, how has the market reception been?

Cotton Coated Factory: It's been exciting. I love the reaction of people when they argue that my creations are edible. And I'm confident. Like I said earlier, this is a calling and I'm very sure that I would be setting a bench mark.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: For the CEO of cotton coated factory, what is a typical day like?

Cotton Coated Factory: I wake up at 6.15am, have morning devotion, take my kids to school. Most times I head to the market. How I love the market. They think I don't have work. They keep me there for hours in their shops talking about all sorts (I love it). Then I get home to sort out the home front and head to my store. When there, I'm in a world of my own. I'm on my feet for at least 7 hours! Trying out new ideas. Then, I go home and attend to my family. And thank God.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: where do you see your brand in say 5 years?

Cotton Coated Factory: In the next 5 years by His Grace, I would have taken Cotton Coated Factory to a level only God knows. I know competition would have surfaced. But Hey! What's business without competitors?

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Lastly, how can you be contacted?

Cotton Coated Factory: Instagram:@cottoncoatedfactory.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Thanks for your time ma’am.

Cotton Coated Factory: Thank you so much. 😂😂😂

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