Just for laughs: #NeverAgainBro: Twitter Users share “silly things” they did for Love

By Kemi Mobuse - Thursday, November 09, 2017

#NeverAgainBro: Twitter Users give accounts of Love Tales gone sour
Have you ever looked back at a time in your past when you did some unbelievable things for love and wondered what went wrong with you?

These Twitter Users are definitely doing just that on this thread.
OAP Osi Suave had sent out the above tweet asking guys to give accounts of “the silly things” they did for love, with the hashtag #NeverAgainBro. The replies are hilarious as well as shocking.

See some of the replies below:

Came home and noticed boxers that wasnt my own inside the laundry bag

Only for my security to say one man came to see madam 
My guy enter night bus go Abj cos he wan suprise him babe
He reach her side see am dey kiss man 4 her gate
Tears&cattarh full d cake he got
My guy was still paying for full bouquet for dstv for him babe after they broke up.

Meanwhile him mama dey use GOTV 
Baba went to calabar to suprise his babe

Madam was camping another corper. Na we contribute bar make he for come back lagos
Was getting busy with ex in her house until her popsi suddenly returned early.

I hid under the bed for 4 fucking hours 
Or d time I scammed popsi wit schl fees money n used it to buy BB for Bae

Bae use am hookup wit anoda guy she met tru BBM 
My first girlfriend wanted go lock up sex till wedding night, but when she got pregnant, even she didn't know the owner of the pregnancy  😢😢
I just remembered one that used my money to abort the pregnancy that the guy upstairs, directly above my room gave her .
went on a date, she saw another guy she knew, went to his table and sat on his laps. Came back, asked if I was mad, I said no, she returned
lol I used the last N200 in my hand to buy her Yoghurt. Couldn't beg for money so I trekked from Yaba to Gbagada. She never called again.
Was helping babe to keep her virginity till marriage until she met someone she really liked and decided to busss it open. 
As in when things got all steamy I'd say "baby we need to chill you know we're keeping your virginity." 😭😭😂
Saw a Micheal name on her status and asked who is that and she said just Angel michael 😂🤣

I believed mahn 
After i caught them, She told me not to talk rudely to the guy she's cheating on me with because he has a tender heart. 
I was always paying for her monthly BIS at 5K/month back then while I was using Symbian Phone Opera Mini cheat. 😟😟😞
Drove from lekki to ife around 10pm to pick up a girl cos she claimed no transport. Got there,babe phone was switched off. 
Borrowed nearly half a million 4him 2rent an apartment bcos he got a new job in a new city. Dude moved in with his baby mama. 

Travelled from Ogun to Lagos and back because she wanted TFC crispy chicken... 

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