The overwhelming fear of starting & running a business almost prevented me from owning one - CEO Golden Artery Events

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Back during my University Days, I was invited to a wedding somewhere in the remote town of Abeokuta...The party babe in me was overjoyed to wake up the party slayer in me, as in! I slayed to the nines and I was determined to come home with my husband to be that day!😛😛😛 A girl can dream right?

We chartered a Cab to take us to the venue. Meanwhile; in my head, I was already picturing the Small chops, barbecue, roasted chicken and the likes I was going to consume, while very conscious of the fact that: my belle MUST NOT protrude from my cloth, which means little or no Water, Hehe!!! (to slay na beans?)

The cab journey sha went on and on and on...mogbe!😔😓 my make up was beginning to melt, my shoes were pinching me and we never even got there.....Haaaa! We finally got to the venue, after like an hr of travelling, then; I almost refused to get down.

Why was because. the wedding venue was like something from a horror movie, not only was it in a village; the only canopy there, was barely enough to cover those sitting in the scorching sun....Choi! I nearly wet myself when I realized; I was overdressed and my make up was ruined. I knew then that; I was gonna go home hungry! Since the food there was Jollof rice with tough cow meats, as well as Amala! and, It barely even went round...nothing resembling puffpuff at all....Infact; I was very sure that; if any man were to put a gun to my head then and there and propose to marry me, I will just remove my shoes with lighting speed, pull up my dress and Run!!! I cannot come and die ooo jare!

That incident drilled in me; the importance of a wedding planner and their importance in today's society cannot be emphasized enough.......and not just any planner, but an extremely capable and organized one.

CEO of Golden Artery Events may come across as shy, but her passion can't be denied and its a passion that reflects so true in her words and her work.....Read on below, the enlightening interview she had with KMB:

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Can you kindly introduce yourself?

Golden Artery Event: My name is Joy Imogu, I'm the Lead Event Consultant at Goldenartery Events Limited
We are an event planning outfit located in Lagos and Abuja

Kemi Mobuse Blog: How did you create Golden Artery Events?

Golden Artery Event: Goldenartery events was never a planned business. As a matter of fact, I'm a Legal practitioner.
But there has always been this burning fetish in me to help out. I enjoy carrying people's burden. I never minded displeasing myself to please others.

If there's a party around me, I don't sit down. I'm like everywhere ensuring the work is done.
I stumbled into wedding planning proper circa 2013/14 when a few of my friends were getting married and I was always involved. Infact I would contact vendors, negotiate, meet up with them too and follow up but in my mind, I always thought I was helping out.

Until 2014, when my best friend was getting married and I was on top of affairs. I searched out all the vendors, contacted them, and all that. They all thought I was a planner but I always said no o I'm not a planner, who can do that stress?
Meanwhile, I've been sorting out Asoebi o, selling it o, delivering it o, bride's dress and accessories, makeup, food, cake, infact I would contact some vendors behind my friend's back too so she's not stressed.

Not until the bride(my friend), her husband and I had a meeting with Jide Odukoya who was the photographer and he was like; he thought I was a planner. But I said No! I wasn’t. He was surprised and suggested, I go into the business, but I declined. He never gave up on me however and always kept talking to me about it. But I was never interested because I wanted the legal career. After the wedding, he called several time to still talk to me but I still declined because I was scared to take the responsibility of owning a business.

I had another push from JGATES Visuals who commended my energy and advised me to consider it.
A year later, I decided to take the bull by the horns, Yea!!!! I finally did!
I created my Instagram page in August 2015 with Sweaty palms and shaky hands.
But I never took it seriously.

The name "goldenartery" had always been special to me since high school days so all I did was add events to "goldenartery". Because I couldn't think of any other business name.

But moving on, it clicked that "Artery" works closely with the heart. And events brings me happiness. So yea I couldn't have chosen a better name than "Goldenartery events"

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What was the key to growing your business when you just started out?

Golden Artery Event: The major key to growing my business was passion; because to be honest, when I first started out, I was surrounded by fear and had so much cold feet but the passion always helped me overcome those fears and it helped me grow.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Do you take an editorial role in the business or are you involved in every step of the creative process?

Golden Artery Event: I am involved in every step, infact no decision is made without my input. Like; this is my baby. It's not just a company to me. Or side hustle as they call it. So I'm actively involved in the creative and execution process

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What was your first paid wedding?

Golden Artery Event: My first paid wedding came in a very funny way. The bride visited a couple I just concluded their event and she was given the wedding album. As she went through it, she asked who put all the things together that she must meet the person and that's how I got contacted: and she goes that; she's been trying to explain to people what she wants but no one understand her but the wedding pictures she saw shows I can't be of help. And thus we fixed a meeting and viola I was booked. Infact she kept saying I could relate to her.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What do you feel are the most important elements to designing a party or wedding?

Golden Artery Event:. You need to understand the purpose and mission of that event (if there are goals to be achieved)
·         Always keep in mind that your event should reflect goodwill, enthusiasm and excitement about your company (always represent your brand wholly)
·         Ensure everyone is on the same page ( ideas, budget- which is key)
·         Open communication between all parties involved.
·         Do your share (basically ensuring execution is 100%)

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Most clients are known for wanting the VIP treatment. What is the zaniest request you've dealt with so far?

Golden Artery Event: I actually can't think of any.................Maybe because I don't see it as odd
I know sometimes, I talk on the phone with my clients at 2am, 3am.
Or maybe one time, my bride involved me in everything including picking her underwear for the day.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Now you are an established name in the event planning industry, what has been your most rewarding moment so far?

Golden Artery Event: My most rewarding moment so far, is the fact that; I've come this far for something that started unplanned. The success of all events is with God's help and favour, positive feedback from past clients and most importantly people see  the work I put into my events and acknowledge it.

Also getting featured on Bellanaija's website 😊

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What would be your top five tips for throwing a good party?

Golden Artery Event: Start planning early and Set your goals
. Set a realistic budget and be flexible
. Select the most reliable vendors (this cannot be overemphasized)
.Do not depend on family members to help out on your big day (use a planner but ensure you pick carefully) if you decide on one, ensure you have a good communication relationship with them.
. Do a Run Through
. Photograph Everything.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: How can you say Social media has helped your business?

Golden Artery Event: Asides referrals, I've gotten a couple of clients from social media. It has helped advertise me. I actually don't joke with the social media exposure.

It has also helped in building ideas that can be applied in any event

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What are your favorite wedding trends this year?

Golden Artery Event: The hanging floral decor
  • Well decorated photo area and letter signs
  • The magical pyrotechnic n fog for first dance
  • Food toppers and new menus
  • Glam prewedding shoots
  • Elaborate proposals
  • The After party
  • Wedding guests and Asoebibellas ain't smiling, lol!

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What tips do you have for brides just starting to plan their wedding?

Golden Artery Event: Ensure you have a set goal to achieve

Have a realistic budget

Most importantly; hire a planner "infact hire GOLDENARTERY EVENTS"

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What advice do you have for event planners just starting their business?

Golden Artery Event: Let the reason you started be your driving force

·         Be tolerant and reachable

·         Be creative

·         Represent your brand

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What are your favorite places to hold a party or wedding?

Golden Artery Event I would love a beach wedding; though, I’m yet to plan one. I love the atmosphere it creates. It’s totally different from the norm.

I also like marquees as they create a cozy feel after it’s been well decorated.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: lastly, how can you be contacted?

Golden Artery Event: Email:
WhatsApp: 08168982981
Phone: 08058304458

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