I inherited my Mum's passion for cooking and I decided to take it the extra mile ...... - CEO Licky Fingers

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, September 25, 2017

On one of my numerous snoop-around mode on Instagram, I chanced on the handle " Licky Fingers" and my curiosity got the better of me. I started wondering, why finger licking as a brand name? and in my mind, I concluded that; the soups must be extremely sweet niyen and the person must be really good at her Job to make bold such a claim and name her business that way.

I didn't waste time getting in touch with the brain and beauty behind the brand;Idowu Adebola Ajayi  and Boy!..was I glad I did? Read her chit chat with KMB below and then, feel free to go the extra mile and place an order today....

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Can you kindly introduce yourself?
Licky Fingers: I’m Idowu Adebola Ajayi,a Chartered accountant turned soup specialist.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: What term is applicable to what you do as a business?
Licky Fingers: A caterer
Kemi Mobuse Blog: When and how did you decide this is what you want to do for a living?

Licky Fingers: I decided I wanted to do it fully in the year 2015 after I left my paid job because I wasn't feeling fulfilled. Although, I have been doing it since 2014 alongside my audit job. Back then, once I close from work for the day, I branch at the market to buy soup ingredients and cook till 2am just to meet up with orders, satisfy my clients and deliver on time. I didn't want to disappoint or give excuses.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: How did you come about the name “Licky Fingers”?
Licky Fingers: Most people that have eaten my food or those that I have been privileged to cook for, always said it tasted nice and it made them lick their fingers😂. Hence my business was so named and as a result, we are conscious of that in our cooking (we make sure you end up licking your fingers once you taste any of our food).
Kemi Mobuse Blog: haha
Kemi Mobuse Blog: Is there a secret ingredient that you love to cook with?
Licky Fingers: My secret ingredient is the Holy spirit😃I just say to myself "Holy Spirit please help me" anytime I have orders

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Did you go to a training school, or were you self taught?
Licky Fingers: My mum is a caterer so I think I inherited some of my cooking skills from her. I discovered overtime that; I love cooking, I love catering to people's needs and hosting.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What can you say you love most about cooking?
Licky Fingers: The cooking itself, putting all the ingredients together to make a nice meal.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: and hate?
Licky Fingers: Just some kitchen chores like peeling potatoes🙈😂peeling beans😂😂cutting ingredients especially when am running late😃😃I’ll rather not use the word ‘hate’ though, more like I dislike it.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: How old is your business now and what challenges have you faced since starting out?
Licky Fingers: I have been fully into it since 2015 though I started in 2014.so lets say its two years now.
Challenges😃😃no orders, people not willing to pay thinking its too expensive forgetting that prices of ingredients have gone up😃😃
I’m not where I want to be yet but, I’m getting there and I WILL get there eventually.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: NICE one
Licky Fingers: I know how stressful and busy Lagos is (traffic, high prices etc) so I had an idea and it was to provide homemade meals to people that were too busy to cook or for people that don’t like to cook, also, catering to very small in-house parties, surprise parties, office meetings, private catering etc. : My idea was that; everyone deserved a good meal regardless of how busy they are. That was why I started my soup and meals business
Kemi Mobuse Blog: Can you walk us through how you started out?
Licky Fingers: After a particular service we had in my church, where Steve Harris was invited to speak, he said "it’s not about what you don't have but what you have and don't know how to use" he shared with us how he started his business by just sending a broadcast message on his bbm.
That message resonated with me. I decided there and then, to do something about my passion, which is cooking. So, I started by sending a broadcast message on my bbm to all my contacts. I also advertise myself on facebook as well. Later on, I also opened an account on Instagram
Licky Fingers: But, Last year I realized I wasn't going about it the right way after joining a coaching class on whatsapp. I was told I needed to know who my ideal clients were and profile them.
I also discovered more ways to use social media to my advantage. Now, I’m trying to apply all I learnt to my business.

Licky Fingers: Since starting out, I worked from home. The dream is to have my own place eventually.
I’m still a work in progress, still learning a lot, I combine my business with being a mom and taking care of the family. It hasn’t been so easy but it’s getting better.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: Where do you see Licky fingers in five years?
Licky Fingers: Hmmmm! in 5years I see lickyfingers having its own cooking studio already where we train people and also offer our services to the world. I see myself being an international chef (cooking home and abroad) impacting, blessing and touching lives with our food ministry😃
Kemi Mobuse Blog: That; is only achievable with a staff you can trust..  What characteristics do you look for in a person you choose to work with?
Licky Fingers: Yes
  • Fear of God
  • Cleanliness
  • Excellence
  • Smart
  • Ability to work with speed(time conscious)'
  • Be able to work unsupervised and do it well.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: Looking back, anything you wished to have done differently?
Licky Fingers: Wish I started earlier, wish i knew about the power social media had when I started would have taken it more seriously.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: What kind of soups and food do you prepare?
Licky Fingers: Nigerian soups and meals.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: Can you mention some?
Licky Fingers: Edikaikong, Afang, Ayamase, Egunsi, Ogbono, bitter leaf, Banga, Okro, Jollofrice, Fried rice, Coconut rice, chicken stew, turkey stew, Fish stew etc
Kemi Mobuse Blog: What will people be surprised to know about you?
Licky Fingers: I don't eat most of the soups i make because i hardly take solid food😃
Kemi Mobuse Blog: Any advice for upcoming caterers?

Licky Fingers: Be sure it’s what you love, be focused, committed persistent, steadfast, be ready to learn from your mistakes, always give your best and most importantly commit all your plans to God.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: How will you like to be contacted?
Licky Fingers: Whatsapp/call 09095357903, 08038585064
Instagram @licky_fingers
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lickyfingers
Kemi Mobuse Blog: Thank You
Licky Fingers: God bless you.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: You too ma'am

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