Do you love Fashion and loves trying out new styles? Then, check out these beautiful 2017 ankara styles

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

 Since my growing up days, Ankara is the one familiar thing that I noticed never quite seem to go out of style.It may go on hiatus for some months, but then, it has the knack for coming back with a big bang….even better adaptable than before. In my over thirty something years on this earth, I can definitely say that; I have seen Ankara take up all shapes, colours and uses. Gone were the days, when Ankara is sewn only to be worn on special occasions as Aso- Ebi and the likes.

Nowadays, all it takes is you coming across a gorgeous style, and then setting off to the market to get yourself one beautiful Ankara cloth.
And since Fashion is our middle name; KMB has taken the time to put together some cute styles that you just can’t afford to resist…. check them out below....


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